Remember back in the day, the beginning Kardashian days with Kim and that horrible pose in the intro for season 1 of their “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” reality show.  When Kim Kardashian was just a girl in a sex tape with Ray J.  When they all lived in that cute little house surrounded by that white picket-fence; an Olympian and his wife, Bruce & Kris Jenner and their kids.  Khloe would talk shit about how vain her big sister Kim was, Kourtney, the oldest – in the background co-signing and laughing as they bicker; Rob’s self-esteem wasn’t so low then; and Kendall and Kylie would be somewhere off chasing the dog or something.  All in the DASH store playing tricks, poking fun at one another, and calling each other slores.  Those were the good ole days. Reggie Bush would come to visit with the clan seated front & center-circled around him in the living room as if he was a bright and shiny Heisman – Trophy.

The strong, black man – A Kardashian Trophy Husband – or a Trophy Wife, rather.

The couple would later break up due to Reggie feeling pressured into marrying Kim upon the nuptials of her sister Khloe Kardashian to NBA star, at the time, Lamar Odom – Khloe’s first major score.  Kim’s Kardashian-name would carry her and the family to the ranks of which they hold today: with a now married, Kim and Kanye, seemingly both going through a middle life crisis as Kanye’s breakdown last year was public for all to see, and Kim looks to have had some reduction surgery in the booty; Khloe, tied to a slew of athletes and rappers, finds her nitch in the workout world with newest series “Revenge Body” – guessing she had a hit out for somebody; Kylie is getting ready to give Tyga a seed soon – a premonition, what else left is there for those two to do; Kendall is off keeping focused, doing her modeling thing; and Kourtney is busy co-parenting.  But it’s actually with every dispose of a new boyfriend or husband that their lives become a little more infamous; they gain more power, while the men fall from their way.

Like a Trophy Wife. She’s makes you look good in front of the crowd, she gives you stature as a man; something to make onlookers crave – later cringe.  It’s never about love more than it is business; more than it is just an opportunity to get put on somehow, for both parties involved.

As if staying indifferent towards the name wasn’t hard enough based on what we already know, dudes are either playing themselves just to get some Kardashian ass, or in on it.  French Montana didn’t get caught up, he played it right.  But let’s consider a supportive James Harden from the NBA’s Houston Rockets, who was so dedicated to Khloe in their 7-8 month stitch, that he stood by her side as she nursed Lamar back to life.  Really?  And, then word breaks that Cleveland Cavelier’s center Tristan Thompson still hasn’t signed the birth certificate for newborn son with model ex-girlfriend Jordan Craig, busy frolicking with a Khloe from city-to-city.

And when he get on, he leave yo’ ass for a white girl.” – Kanye West, Gold Digger

It seems like somebody is digging for gold.  And just like that typical girl spoken about in Kanye’s song, one can predict her move, and his too. Whether you like the Kardashian’s or not, you can’t help but watch them, want them; and clearly, to get on, you have to eat at the table with them. Like sitting with the devil himself, and plotting lines – lies.  The most developed of stories – novel like; just before the relationship starts brewing, apparently, the two were good friends for quite some time, or was introduced at a party.  Next thing you know, dudes baby-mother is a slut; and meanwhile, he’s been sleeping with Bruce’s daughter the whole time.