Often referred to as the “Pitbul Of New York”, Or “ MrYoooo Brooo” This 20 year veteran of hip-hop from Staten Island NY is still considered to be a relatively “new artist” to the music game.  Weather its because he never really hit it big or by rebranded himself as the artist we know today as JopauL, he certainly is the epitome of what the new caliber of artists is expected to be in today’s competitive world of music.  

“When Instagram verified me with the blue check is when I finally felt as if this was all starting to come together” Jopaul says when asked how he felt the moment he received his verified badge on IG. Taking an unorthodox method of the conventional release of a song, Jopaul decided to release two singles with corresponding videos two weeks apart from each other.  When asked why he chose this method as opposed to focusing on one single, he replied, “The days of waiting for the timing to be right is in your own hands. The turnover of new music is faster than ever so the only way to keep your audience engaged is with a consistent flow of entertainment or you’ll lose their attention span.” 

One of his latest releases includes a track titled “BaddestBitch” that he co-produced along with Sour Mike Zaccwhich features upcoming rapper @Conan42ynvs also known as “the energy god or Shampoo’s son”. The song displays a very creative cross blend of hiphop styles from an old-school chopped & screwed hook mixed with an innovative style of today’s trap beats along with the skillful lyrical deliveries from both Jopaul & Conan making it a real triple threat. In addition, the video directed by Mo Stafford is also one of Jopauls fastest climbing videos to date already reaching over 70k views in the 1st few weeks.

His 2nd release of the month is as creative as they come. Taking a page from the freestyle music of the early 80s, JopauL takes the hit song Cruel Summer by Bananarama & makes his own rendition in a visually stimulating presentation of why you should never be deceptive in a relationship or it”ll be a cruel summer for sure if you do. Starring pop singer Domini Monroe as the cheated on girlfriend, Directed by TruLight Films, JopauL & Trucreate a storyline to entertain the audience with no expectation of ever making any money from the remix as his only intention is to give back to his fans. One of his recent posts of this video has soared to over 15k views on Instagram proving that good music is good music after all is said and done.

In conclusion, I think JopauL is the genuine article and his undeniable work ethic is of which the likes that I haven’t seen in a long time. He is Personable & professional in every way while still displaying a fun loving energetic personality & spirit. Besides making pretty decent music, his overall approach & execution is why I beleive success will find this talented Staten islander immediately. We wish him the best and look forward to celebrating his future successes with you.