While we tend to forget those who have pass, Martin Luther King Jr. legacy has impacted the fabric of american culture which influence the diversity we see today. Slavery was a time period where not only colored people were oppressed, but there wasn’t any outlet for their voices to be heard. Dr. King would use his captivating persuasive voice and non violence tactics to exposed the true evils of its white supremacy counterpart. All though we do not have much of the vision fulfilled in his I Have A Dream speech; a sense of freedom, equality, and the pursuit of happiness still stirs in america’s fight. Our staff compiled some insight on what that dream means to them and how its importance weighs in today. Read below and take the time out to listen to what its like to have a dream which can impact a nation.


Martin Luther King Jr. to me means freedom. I was fortunate enough to grow up during a time in society where I was given certain freedoms many before me didn’t get to see. When it comes to Martin Luther King Jr. and the civil rights movement, I always think about how it was illegal for people like me to read, write, or share the same space with other human beings. The fact that I get to write freely and share my thoughts without fear is amazing. I owe it to Martin Luther King Jr. and those that came before and after him.


Honoring the legacy that is Martin Luther King Jr. and celebrating the day reminds me living in peace should be something we continually strive for. Using the opportunity to show kindness and love along with promoting respect for others of different races and religions. Reminds me of the value of kindness, forgiveness, nonviolence, reconciliation, tolerance, and love.


It’s a special day to celebrate such a special man. He was/is the shift of our society and how we are now able to be connected with one another, colors, other countries and more importantly have the feel like of brotherhood and sisterhood. We take for granted how far we have come from slavery and discrimination and yes it’s still prevalent and yes racism never will go away; but we have the resources and mindset to deter the next from committing to it.


Martin Luther King Jr. to me represents a diversity dream. My grandma is three years younger then Martin Luther King Jr. and she is still here and he’s not. I always wonder what major changes would have been done if he was. I think of Common’s inspirational music and can still sense that dream today.


Martin Luther King Jr. represents community to me. Most of what he accomplished he did with a strong team. There’s power in numbers and when we all come together for good that’s how we create change.


When I think of Martin Luther King Jr., I think of consistency. He was consistent with making his dream a reality. His dedication and consistent actions was infectious and for the I remain consistent to myself and my dreams.