Now that a Donald Trump has signed his orders nominating his cabinet.  News stories leading up to this day, used to cause fret within my bones; but I couldn’t let it.  The grilling on Capitol Hill of Trump’s newest recruits really had me dazed, wondering, ‘what is his aim?’.  I have no clue.  But moments ago when President Barack Obama waved farewell, I got a premonition.  Everything is going to be okay.  I feel a sense of ‘hey, whatever, I’m still going to do what I’m going to do; he’s just Trump from Queens‘.  My proceeding thought was, ‘his destiny doesn’t trump mine (ours)‘.

Really, looking at it in out-the-box minds, what has Donald Trump’s new position today made more clearer than ever; outside of exposing the more prominent racists and bigots in America, as well as the “irrelevant” ones, who fed on Trumps hateful words winning him over his opponent, there is more to take from this outcome. Marinate on it for another moment.  This presidency further proves that anybody can get it.  With former presidents Jimmy Carter, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and our beloved Barack Obama among today’s inauguration attendees, so was a Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Hillary Clinton was centimeters close to becoming the United States’ first female President.  And even after suffering a wicked blow with Trump churning the country as to her innocence, no one can take away the fact that she was still the first female democratic candidate.  And when using his words to battle her in the political ring, his defense at no time was, “I am man, and she is woman” – as his ‘that’s why’.  But before her, America would allow a commoner the seat; making it all the more possible for you and me.  The daily hustler who takes to her keys to invoke thought and information.  Or, the entrepreneur(s) whose main objective is to show others that the dream is real through faith and execution.  And here we are today, with a one Donald Trump as somebody’s President.

We don’t have to go through his past living, a rich guy with rich friends; no real political ties and no political brains, yet, he’s now President; your very own, Richie Rich, if I may say so myself.  Mount Rushmore might be in danger of a major facelift, if President Trump has anything to say about it.  With that Manhattan stance of his, even the Presidential seat was attainable.  A trait I can totally take away from the rest of him.  To his business mentality – one who studies the ways of making money; later used to provide his stature ultimately leading him to every original backroom, private entrance, shaking hands with different lawmakers, influencers, and leaders; creating question of the most reputable man on the planet to later becoming his successor as President.

The glass ceiling is now broken.  Looking up, there is no longer a clear divider between me and them; me and you.  I can do anything you can do, and vice versa.  Vice versa Mr. President.  Imagine this, that could be any of us, or even our kids.  Still the dream, and even more pronounced after our first black President has stepped down.  And how symbolic it would have been had a woman won the next election to follow, but nonetheless, still symbolic for the everyday guy to get it – nevermind him also being rich.  Any of us could have been him.  Spewing words out loud, unknowingly shaping our destinies.  There are scriptures that speak about the ‘power of the tongue‘, that should not be ignored.  You can speak your destiny, just like Trump spoke his.