The winter season kicks off a lot of new collections for major brands and today [02/01] The Hundreds streetwear line comes back revealing their Spring 2018 debut. It’s been quite some time since this household brand presented a new release – but their latest look book defines the most bold and simple true aesthetic.

The vibe definitely appeals to a retro west coast look and features soft-tone colors, oversized materials, signature sportswear, and more. Key pieces include the Calvin long-sleeve polo shirt, Tartan pullover, Marina Jacket, Coby Jersey, and Adams Parka. These overall classic styles are simply revamped with a more modern touch by the brand.

To add to all of these new exciting releases, the brand also compliments the looks with accessories that range from socks, beanies, bombers, bags, duffles, and snapback options. Find out and see more of the merch selection in accessories, sweats, shorts, polos, hoodies, bombers, and water resistant jackets here.

Also, be sure to preview more of the looks below: