Chris Rivers, son of the legendary Big Pun talks about leaning on music after the passing of his father in 2000 (at the age of 5) and honing his rap career to what it is today. Having only started rapping upon his graduation from high school, Chris battled for a while in figuring out who he was as an artist, saying he was more focused on living up to his fathers legacy, and expectations that were put on him in the beginning; but now more comfortable with who he is today, is ready to do what he wants.   He has released three mixtapes: “Wonderland Of Misery”, “Wonderland Of Misery 2”, & “Medicated Consumption”; and
also collaborated with the likes The Lox, Joell Ortiz, and Vinnie Paz.

Recently, Chris sat down with us to discuss a few different topics surrounding the influence his father had on him, finding himself as a rapper, creating his first mixtape “Wonderland Of Misery”, and more. Check out the interview and stream his mixtape “Medicated Consumption” below.