The LOX Rip This UNeek Beat To Shreds

The wait is finally over! The Rapfest has returned with the 9th installment of Hip Hop’s hottest cipher series. The Rapfest has definitely shown and proved to be one of the masterminds behind the advancement of the culture and within these ciphers, vicariously lives the true origins of Hip Hop. For the 9th edition, they decided to take things to a whole new level. This installment is definitely the most dynamic series to date and simply observing the line up explains why. JadakissSheek Louch and Styles P are a force that has been demolishing the rap game for over a decade. Under any name, L.O.X. or D Block, these three have been known to murder any beat that is thrown at them. In this case, the instrumental meticulously orchestrated by UNeek, never even stood a chance. Chris Zino of Exhibition Z films was able to capture the classic moment.

First is Sheek Louch, but with an all-star team of veterans, order is irrelevant because the outcome remains the same. Known to rap with a ton of finesse, Sheek walks on this beat with a polished swagger and makes it look effortless. Next up is Styles P. Known for a more rugged approach, his follow up is ruthless. Line after line he proves that he is nothing to play with, in the booth and the streets. The finisher of choice was Jadakiss, the perfect balance between Sheek’s finesse and Styles’ rawness. By the time Jada got a hold of the beat, there was nothing left to prove. Still, he went hard as if it all depended on him, eliminating any doubt that L.O.X. gets better with time.

Series 9 has taken the cipher series somewhere it has never gone before, emphasizing a collaboration that carries so much weight in the rap game. While their résumés speak for themselves, it is always a classic when Sheek, Styles and Kiss get together. With all lines crossed, and all doors kicked open, the bar is set pretty high for the future installments, but The Rapfest is known for doing the impossible. Series 10 will premiere in June.