And We’re Off!

Free Agency doesn’t start until July 1st and the moves are already going down. With next year’s champions almost being a full gone conclusion already, the trade rumors might be more exciting than the season itself unless some big moves go down that can create teams that can actually challenge the Warriors. From the moves that we see are already on the works, that can very well be a possibility. Basically, the Warriors are the barometer of the NBA.


Everyone is gearing up for Golden State.

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Here are the moves that have happened so far that you need to pay attention to and the potential moves that can happen as a result of these moves.

1. Rejoice, Knicks fans. Phil Jackson is gone and probably the triangle as a result.


2. Chris Paul has joined forces with James Harden in Houston. This is after it was revealed that Chris Paul and Blake Griffin were going to opt out of their player options for free agency. However, free agency starts July 1st. So basically, Chris Paul left them a parting gift by allowing himself to be traded before he opted out. It is rumored that J.J. Redick is DEFINITELY leaving. So, the only one left from the starting lineup on the team next year could be…


3. Isaiah Thomas is doing some very low-key recruiting for Blake Griffin.


4. The Cavs want Paul George. The Celtics want Paul George. The Pacers want Paul George. The Knicks want Paul George. The Rockets want Paul George. The Lakers want Paul George. The Wizards want Paul George. The Yankees want Paul George. The Patriots want Paul George. EVERYBODY wants Paul George. However, the teams to pay attention to are the Cavs, the Rockets and, the Lakers. Paul George wants to go to the Lakers because he’s from L.A. He’s already recruiting players to come play with him on the Lakers like Klay Thompson. The Cavaliers and the Rockets are closer to winning a championship though. So, if Paul George wants to be the man and try to build a championship contender from scratch, he goes home to L.A. If he wants the best chance to win a ring right now, he goes to Cleveland and with the acquisition of Chris Paul, maybe even Houston. At the end of the day, he might still go to L.A. as soon as possible which could be next year when he is a free agent. The man loves L.A.


5. The Celtics have been leaders to get Gordon Hayward for a while but, they are now reportedly trying to get Paul George and Gordon Hayward. They play the same position but, the Celtics want to get over the hump very badly so they’ll take as many stars as they can get.


6. Don’t get it twisted. Carmelo is still nice out here. Teams still want him. The Cavs are trying to get him but his future pretty much lies with him because he has a no trade clause. If he wants to stay with the Knicks, he stays. It doesn’t matter how much Phil wanted to trade him because he’s gone and could veto the trade anyway. However, the Rockets have made things VERY interesting out in these NBA streets by getting CP3 so watch out for them this offseason. They are reportedly nowhere near done trying to get free agents.


7. The Knicks want Jeff Teague but, Derrick Rose wants to stay, as well. They play the same position but, both players are not in their primes right now despite having decent seasons. One of them might be cool with being a 6th man. Maybe not. We’ll see what happens in NY. It can’t be worse than last year. #NoTriangle


8. Andre Iguodala has interest from a lot of teams and can get up to $20 million per season at 35 years old. The Sixers could even have a reunion with him this year which would be interesting because the Sixers finally have all those young potential stars healthy. Half of those teams might just be trying to make the Warriors weaker. However, the real story is…


9. Durant opted out of his contract to restructure it. Don’t even worry about that. He’s going back.

10. LeBron is playing with the hearts of his team’s fans again. He’s not going anywhere this year. However, there are real rumors that he leaves after next season, a season that didn’t even start yet. They’re saying this is a real possibility though so, we’ll entertain it.

What does all of this mean? The NBA Offseason is lit. Stay tuned…

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