R-Kitech got his start in the music industry at the age of 13 he signed a record deal with legendary and producer  Jodeci’s Devante Swing. After he was recruited to join The Hit Squad by EMPD Fame Parish PMD Smith, The hit Squad went on produce, engineer,  and write for numerous artists such as Mary J Blige, 50 cents, Fat Joe, Stat Quo, Buckshot, Cypress Hill and Frankie Paul to name a few.  R-Kitech and his twin brother founded Ensight Music Group & Industry Exposed as they have been helping independent artists maximize their talents and business, as they are getting exposure to the music industry.

Chicago native Precise developed his skills from his experiences as a child attending his father’s band rehearsals. His father was guitarist and saxophonist in a local band. Precise of Haitian heritage always had music part of his life.

He started off as a DJ but always knew he wanted to rap. After competing in a talent show at Olive Harvey College in Chicago, the judge’s Producer/DJ Terry Hunter and Armando gave him great feedback. These comments gave Precise encouragement and confidence to pursue his dream.  Upon his meeting aspiring artists Chris Rice a.k.a. “Ideal” and Victor Moore a.k.a. Creole, they formed the group Nubearth. As a group, Nubearth toured in Chicago and regionally. They had the opportunity and memorable experience of opening for Common at Northern Illinois University.

This preparation was building Precise the ability to express himself musically, lyrically and command the stage. The stage is a natural setting for him to entertain and perform, the messages through all of these experiences.

The Rapfest recently had the opportunity to speak with both members on the group R.A.P, as we asked them about some of the things they have in stored this year.

Can talk about how the group R.A.P. came together?

Precise: For the record R.A.P stands for Rkitech and Precise. About 6 years ago through I met Rkitech through my manager Redell Drakeford. Rkitech as working on the Anti Skinny Jeans LP and we did a song called “The Feeling” and we’ve been rocking ever since.

Rkitech: While I was working on the first few songs on the Anti Skinny Jeans LP I ran into Redell and he sent me Precise’s music and I was in. I enjoy his writing his cadence on beats and the beats that he was picking. Precise is also just as patient as I am with getting certain things done so it was enjoyable just being creative without pressure. So when the notion of putting together a body of work came together it was a no-brainer.

How did you come up with the title Album of the Year?

Precise: We have been brainstorming for a moment making sure we created something with impact consciously and socially. When you think of an album of the year the thought of an impactful and imaginative creation comes to mind and that’s what we are here to bring you.

What can we expect this year from both R.A.P. as a collective group?

Rkitech: Sonically my intention with Album of the Year is to provide something for each feeling that we have as humans. I want to tap into an aggressive sound I want to tap into a retrospective child. I wanted to tap into a futuristic kind of sound because we exhibit all of these ranges as humans. I wanted to paint that picture sonically. Also, our live shows are going to be crazy because of what we both bring to the table. I love performing and being on the road so look forward to us coming to a city near you with a really interesting set of music.

Precise: You can expect Album of The Year to drop 3rd quarter with a few dope visuals. You should also expect to see us everywhere.

What can we expect from you Rkitech in your separate projects?

Rkitech: As an emcee, I will be releasing the Reality Is single and EP and gearing up to release the full-length Anti Skinny Jeans LP. I also have production and engineering on a large number of artists coming out in the fourth quarter.

Precise since you are from Chicago and have been featured on Empire. Can you give us your take on what transpired with Jussie Smollet?

Precise: When the news hit that Jussie was beaten up in a hate crime hit the fan I was disgusted. I couldn’t believe someone would do that to him, because in my interactions with him he has always been a nice guy. When the story started to unfold and show its true self I found myself disappointed with Jussie. When the 16 felony counts were given it felt like overkill and when Kim Foxx the District Attorney basically dismissed those charges it felt like we were finally done with all of it.

Now, I feel like because of Jussie the focus has shifted to our State’s Attorney Kim Foxx in order to sabotage her and remove her from office. Kim Foxx was very clear about her position when she took office. She would spend time on things that mattered and not on frivolous cases like Jussie’s. Now her detractors want to use the way she handled Jussie’s situation to remove this Black woman from a very powerful position that we voted her into.

Do think he will ever be able to repair his public image?

Precise: Right now I could care less about Jussie’s public image. All I’m rocking with is R.A.P and Album Of The Year dropping this year.

What are some of the things that both of you will be involved with outside the entertainment industry?

Rkitech: outside of music I’m involved politically helping the candidates in the town of Southampton that I support to get elected I’m also involved with Just 4 You Family Support Services Bohemia New York  we do anger management counseling domestic violence Counseling Group sessions individual sessions we do life coaching we do mentoring programs and just a lot of Community development I’m also involved with the national league of concerned citizens where we helping local citizens get more involved in and understand the political process. I’m also Elected to the Town of Southampton GOP Committee.

Precise: Well I have a few things on the burner. Right now the immediate focus is getting my two youngest Kahlid and Nasir off to college. I’ll also start work on my newest project that I have not titled yet, but it’s gonna be dope.

Are there any televisions that you will be featured on this year?

Precise: I surely hope so. I would be more than happy to play someone’s dad, uncle or federal marshall at this point in my career. There are no limits.

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