5ive Mics Will Not Go Unnoticed

Your hustle does not go unnoticed. If you thought upcoming artist 5ive Mics was finished in his persistent grind, watch him Do It Again. While newcomers look for avenues to break away, Brooklyn native 5ive Mics was able to impress a multitude of audiences when he took the stage at SXSW. After sitting down with Comback Jack for The Rapfest and Wingstop backstage Greenroom, 5ive Mics took the time out to link back up with The Rapfest for an exclusive release and interview.

How did you get the name 5ive mics?
I’ve always been big hip-hop fan. Growing up in NYC, I’ve always been big on lyrics. When The Source Magazine gave an artist ‘5 mics,’ that was a huge thing. People in Brooklyn called me 5 since I was a child. They knew that when it came to lyrics, I was serious with it so they started calling me 5ive Mics. I guess it just stuck with me.

What made you relocate to Atlanta?
I had a childhood friend by the name of IZZY. He moved from Brooklyn to Atlanta in 05-06 and was starting a record label. He offered me $50,000 to sign with him and together we got his indie label, P.U, off the ground.

What do you miss about Brooklyn & the NYC scene?
Actually no, much I’m always home and I’m still NYC resident. I’m always back and forth from ATL to NYC. I love where I come from and am a proud New Yorker. I just love the South. I’ve gotten nothing but love and support from ATL. The culture has really changed my life not to mention my five-year-old daughter, BB aka Brooklyn, is a official ATL-lien.

How did you connect with T.I. and ultimately got your deal with Hustle Gang?
Well actually I met TIP (T.I ) in Las Vegas in 2007 at his private party at the Wynn hotel. Unfortunately that wasn’t the day we got cool, about week later I met PSC artist, Mac Boney, and he took me to Grand Hustle’s studio. A real connection was made with Grand Hustle. They have been family to me since. The relationship has always been more then music. Along the years I put out few projects but nothing mainstream. Two year ago I was locked up on an old drug case and was facing 10 years in prison. Doug Peterson Crodd and Justin Wolk bailed me out on 220,000$ bond and four months later case was dismissed. Since then I’ve release five successful projects, been on 3 tours, and released a How featuring T.I. produced by FKI. I’m also in a few films coming out next year. In my book, “Loyalty is Royalty” and I guess good things come to those that wait! I also want to shout out Young Dro. He was the first main stream artist to take me on the road and actually record music with me special. Shout out to Mark Jackson, James, Bam, KT, Felica, KD and Clay Evens.

What’s your favorite restaurant in Atlanta?
No brainer: Scales 925, Tip’s spot. Tell ’em I sent you.