It’s a commonality in societal structure that everyone won’t get the opportunity to be a famous actor, sports-player, or musician. Yet, many of us still try our hardest to reach the highest level of success that can keep our heart’s content at night – as we should; aiming high while maybe only reaching midway. And while most people of American culture have heard the phrase ‘born with a silver spoon in your mouth‘, the ladder often times underestimates the logic in it, which in turn is carried throughout generations. These same truths apply to anyone who wasn’t born into wealth.  Leading us to question, what makes the difference between a wannabee and a star?  The answer to that lies between opportunity and timing.

King of the Youth

Ian Connor’s story started like most of the youth growing up in the inner city, a general education and a glimpse through media of a lifestyle only a few can partake in.  With his rise in 2012 through his affiliations with Wiz Khalifa, Kylie Jenner, and the A$AB Mob; signing to A$AP Rocky’s fashion label as creative director, astoundingly, Connor seemed to have made the proper choices in his lifetime utilizing his cool, so-to-speak, to gain notoriety and spotlight; whether civil or not, landed him a self entitlement as the ‘King of the Youth‘. Influencing many of the styles worn by celebs and artist alike, Connor has also amassed a loyal following of over 700K via his Instagram account. His somewhat over night success landed him many accolades and his influence has silently changed the fashion sense of many Hip Hop artists and fans from urban city streets to suburban households. Whether you view him as a fashion guru, creative consultant, social media king, or a networking genius, the many hats of Ian Connor fit very well.

Image via Vogue

Starting as a brand ambassador, Ian Connor built a social media presence like none other. He would model for clothing lines such as Midnight Studio, Bape, and Pyrex to name a few, appearing in various campaigns and lookbooks. Further building on his successes from behind the scenes to front and center, Connor would go on to be featured on Complex Magazine’s “Top 25 Under 25 in Style” to stoner rapper Wiz Khalifa taking on different trends thanks to the innovator, Wiz hired him as a personal assistant and stylist leading to more opportunities popping up for Connor. Becoming a solidified stylist, Ian Connor has modeled in every Yeezy Season fashion show to date, adding major exposure to his name & face, he was even shown to have had dinner with Kanye while rocking Sketchers, which many fashion forward people wouldn’t blink at.

Months back, Complex talked of his fall from glory as he and rapper Theophilus London (who claims to have founded the innovator), A$AP Rocky, and A$AP Bari had got into some type of scuffle while in Paris, where the lot were said to have disowned Connor, beefing back and forth over Twitter with London about anywhere from London’s supposed drug usage, Connor being jealous of London’s ability to come back after stepping away from the limelight for a little, then to Connor’s alleged rape accusations where up to 6 women called out the stylist for rape.  Which at one point, London was siding with him on, but then changed his verdict on the matter.  London even shared in an interview that Kanye fired Connor. Things then got a little quiet for Connor after that.

But while talk of the rape’s has quieted down, Connor has slowly emerged back to business, collaborating with Hong Kong brand CLOT on their 2017 Spring/Summer “New Age Ethnic” collection; the CLOT x Ian Connor BRICK CAMO capsule was recently dropped, available for purchase here.  Not to mention, the A$AP Mob has since renounced their dispute with Connor, where A$AP Rocky was quoted in a two-hour interview referring to Connor saying, “That’s my little brother. F*ck what the world gotta say. You feel what I’m saying? He’s a young visionary.”  So, we guess it’s all good now.

Image via @Aesthetic_vibes

The progression from everyday dreamer to fashion icon has boosted Ian Connor to a public stage. Adolescence everywhere flock at the sight or mention of Connor being present at a local venue or pop-up shop. His influence has people across age brackets buying into brands they’ve never seen before.