Known for its historic status of being the first Black republic to gain its independence in the new world , the land of Haiti inhabits an extraordinary amount of strength, greatness, and creativity which is showcased in their country’s music. Haiti has a variety of genres which includes Kompa, Reggae,  and Kanaval just to name a few. But when thinking of the Antilles, Hip-Hop may not be the first thing that crosses someones mind .

Hip-Hop in Haiti has a strong presence and it is very much alive. Not too long after the birth of Hip-Hop in America, Haitian Hip-Hop, also known as Rap Kreyol, emerged on the island in the early 1980’s. Some of Haiti’s earliest Hip-Hop acts includes Original Rap Staff, Masters of Haiti, Fighters, Blackdo, Fam-Squad, Supa Deno, Rap Kreyòl S.A., and Black Leaders.

Known as the primary leader and the founder of Rap Kreyol, is the late Master Dji. Master Dji influenced the Rap Kreyol movement making it a genre that resonated with the people of Haiti. Today, Rap Kreyol has evolved into an expressive medium in which the Haitian youth has taken full advantage of.

Listed below are some of the old school and new school artists who have contributed to the growing Haitian Genre; Rap Kreyol.

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Master Dji


King Possee

Original Rap Staff




Supa Denot



Mecca aka Grimo

Barikad Crew

Blaze One