The Hip-Hop reach goes far.

Boarded by the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal, stands the subcontinent known for its gorgeous gems, spicy cuisine, and elaborate clothing. India’s rich cultural traditions has been in place for over a thousand years. Apart of that culture,  is the lively music that rhythmically quenches the soles of the people. Genres such as Qawwali, Odissi, and Indian Pop (just to name a few) are embedded in the Indian culture. Recently, a more westernized genre has been capturing the ears of the youth. That genre of course is Hip-hop. Also known as Desi Hip-Hop, the genre has been making its way to the forefront within the past several of years.

Although Hip-Hop has been creating buzz within the country in recent years, India has been acquainted with the genre and its underground scene since the early 1990’s . Desi Hip-Hop pioneer, Baba Sehgal, introduced Hindi rap in 1991 with his album , Dilruba. In 1992, the Hindi rapper released Thanda Thanda Pani, a creative twist on Vanilla Ice’s “Ice , Ice, Baby”. According to the New York Times, Baba Sehgal’s album saw great success in India with a sale of 100,000 copies within three months. During his early career, Baba Sehgal released 19 albums in 11 years and eight of them went platinum. Baba Sehgal serves as the influencer of a genre that is spreading throughout the South Asian diaspora.

Desi Hip-Hop has made its presence known with the artists dominating the scene today., the leading platform for Desi Hip-Hop culture showcases new music, events, and news happening within the culture.

Back at it again, TheRapFest is here to inform you on some of the dopest artist belonging to the Desi Hip-Hop genre. Check out the list below and feel free to comment.



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The Hindi rapper started his career in 2006 with the the group, Murda Mundeer. The group was popular amongst the young audience. Badshah’s work has been featured in popular Bollywood movies such as Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania and Khoobsurat. In 2015, the Sony Music Artist released DJ Waley Babu feat Aastha Gill. According to The Times of India , this was Badshah’s first solo project. On YouTube, DJ Waley Babu recieved over a million views within the first three days of its release.


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