Birthed in the midst of adversity and creativity, Hip Hop has proven to be the flower that bloomed from New York City’s concrete jungle; concrete that has been trodded by candid New Yorkers who grinds endlessly to make ends meet.  Since its start, Hip Hop has become a prominent medium for expression in the Black communities. Created by young aspiring artists in the Bronx, Hip Hop will always be part of history – Black history.

Over the years, Hip Hop has expanded beyond American cities and boarders and grounded itself in communities around the world. Hip Hop has grown to be a genre that transcends through all cultures, languages, and class barriers. Hip Hop today has made its mark overseas.  The genre is relatable to people from all walks of life and that is the beauty of Hip hop.

This week’s stop, we go overseas to Ireland.  Next up, will be Haiti – so stay tuned.  But in the meantime…

In Ireland, where it is mostly known for their mythological tradition, hefty libations, and traditional pleaded skirts, most people are unaware of the Hip Hop culture that lives on the Emerald Isle. According to Rabble Magazine, Hip Hop emerged on the Irish land in the late 80’s , approximately 10 years after the birth of Hip Hop in America. With the mesh of Irish and American Hip Hop culture, the country grasped its authentic sound in the early 90’s.  Artists from Dublin, Belfast, and Cork brought the Irish Hip Hop sound to the forefront. In 1992 The Public Enemy influenced group, Scary Erie, introduced a new wave that will  be rode by current Irish Hip Hop artists today.  Today, Hip Hop is very prevalent in Ireland. Ireland has its own urban magazine called Rap Ireland. Artists of the genre have been a part of Ireland’s biggest annual music festivals such as the Electric Picnic and Bulmers Forbidden Fruit Festival. Knowing that Ireland has adapted the Hip Hop Culture and made it its own, it is only right that TheRapFest inform you on some of the dopest Irish Hip Hop artists on the Emerald Isle.


Check out the list below and feel free to comment.



Hare SqueadImage result for hare squead twitter

Hare Squead is a Hip Hop group from Dublin who has been making their mark in the Irish Hip Hop scene. Their music is a mix of Hip Hop, R&B, and Pop, creating a distinguished sound which is loved by their fans. Recently, the trio’s 2016 released single ” If I Ask You” was nominated for Irish song of the year at Ireland’s Choice Music Prize.

AikJImage result for aikJ

The young singer anchors his influence from artists like Michael Jackson, R.Kelly, and Chris Brown. His music brings forth versatility amongst the R&B, Pop, and Hip Hop genres. AikJ recent single “Suite Life” exemplifies the diverse sound of the Hip Hop genre emerging on the Emerald Isle. 



The emerging multi-talented rapper is known for his severe lyrical chops, served fresh. His Zimbabwe roots and Irish upbringing gives him nothing but perspective, which is channeled in his music. Last month, Jafaris was featured in GoldenPlec Music Magazine’s #PlecPicks for 2017.


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Rejjie Snow

The 300 Entertainment signee has trailed blazed the Irish and American music scene and has set an example for future artists to follow. Rejjie Snow’s dope lyrics and creative style has set in the hearts of his fans ,creating the non-stop buzz around him and his music Earlier this year, Rejjie relased his new single “Crooked Cops” featuring the Bronx songstress,  Tish Hyman.


Image result for simi crownsSimi Crowns 

The Lagos born, Dublin raised diverse rapper has been smashing the Hip Hop Scene for sometime now. The 27 year old has shared the stage with artists such as Yasiin Bey (formerly known as Mos Def) and Kid Ink. Crown’s latest released visual “Ones To Watch” shows off his profound lyricism.




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Emzee A

Just like most artist who are trying to break into the music scene, Emzee A generated his buzz through soundcloud. The rising artist performed alongside artist and producer , Jay Electornica. With his influences coming from the likes of Tupac and Jay Z, Emzee A puts forth an unmatched, majestic flow which is showcased in his recent EP, #UNXPCTD.