On the final leg of our Hip-Hop overseas series, we bring to you the finale.  Introducing the south east country that lives on the sweet beautiful mother land, Zimbabwe, sitting on the continent of Africa – where it all started.  Known for its natural wild life and the extraordinary people, just like any other country, music is embedded in the Zimbabwean culture. Some of the earliest genres includes MuseveShona music and Chimurenga music, the most popular of the three; Chimurenga meaning liberation, touches on the social, political and human rights struggle within the region. Zimbabwean music has evolved over the years. In the early 1990’s a new style of music emerged, and although Hip-Hop wasn’t new to the western side of the world, it was definitely new to Zimbabwe.

Hip-Hop became the new main attraction, originally influenced by the East Coast style of the genre, there is a slow bloom of the dirty south sound looming amongst the younger generation of Zimbabwean Hip-Hop heads.  But like all things that evolve once caught onto, the Hip-Hop which resides in Zimbabwe has turned into something quite their own.  Some of the earliest Hip-Hop acts included Piece of Ebony and Midnight Magic. Piece of Ebony emerged on the Hip-Hop scene in 1992, they were the first Hip-Hop group to infuse traditional Zimbabwean beats with the emerging Hip-Hop genre. Midnight Magic started in 1991. The group has hit singles such as On and On,  Mai Tendi, Zambezi to Limpopo, and Sweet Temptation.

Today Zimbabwean Hip-Hop (also known as Zim Hip-Hop) has a presence and the artists belonging to the genre are keeping it alive. Zimbabwe has an annual Zim Hip-Hop Awards in which the hottest Hip-Hop artists from Zimbabwe and its neighboring countries, come to celebrate the genre. Some may not know that Hip-Hop exists in  the country but TheRapFest is here again to inform you.

Check out the list of some of the dopest Zim Hip-Hop artists today.  Feel free to comment.


Tehn Diamond

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Tehn Diamond started his music career in 2008 with the release of his first mixtape , Student of the Game – Higher Learning. The limelight grew brighter for Tehn in 2012 with his hit single ,Happy.

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