R&B has been in an interesting place for a few years now and it’s definitely not reminiscent of the music that we grew up on. For the past few years, R&B has been blending with other genres such as Pop, hip-hop, Rock, EDM and more. Now Hip-Hop and R&B have always gone hand in hand but recently there has been more singers rapping as much as they are singing and vice-a-versa. This blend of different genres mixing has given birth to alternative R&B which strays away from contemporary R&B and has given us artists such as Frank Ocean, FKA Twigs, 6LACK, DVSN, Khalid, Anderson .Paak, PartyNextDoor, and much more.

If you are fans of the artists mentioned above then let me introduce you to the Manhattan-born East Atlanta native Andy Zone 6. Sonically he is inspired by artists such as Nina Simone, Frank Ocean, Prince, Outkast, Rae Sremmurd, Zapp & Roger and Amy Winehouse just to name a few. The SAE Institute of Technology graduate has been releasing music here and there over the past few years and has gained notoriety in the Atlanta music scene. He has worked with the likes of Miloh Smith, St. Beauty, PRSM label mate Jacq Flock and more. Fans have been patiently waiting for a project from the rising singer and the wait is finally over! Today Andy makes his first real introduction to the world with his debut EP Atlanta Weather which he entirely produced and wrote. He describes the project as “a first-layer representation of my music, personality, vibe, and which are ever-changing and just like Atlanta’s weather, you never know what to expect.”

If your a fan of Frank Ocean, then Andy Zone 6 is right up your alley. The project goes through a wave of emotions touching on depression, love, addiction and much more. With Summer just days away this is the perfect late night soundtrack on your way home from the function. My 3 favorite songs off the project are “Nitro,” “Kilo,” and “Audemars” if you’re on the fence definitely give those songs a listen first. Check it out below along with a track by track breakdown from the man himself.

I strive to make music that is ambiguous so it is relatable depending on the person and their state of mind. people look at me and can’t usually put a finger on my personality, likes/dislikes, sexuality, profession, mental stability. Sort of like Prince. There is a lack of guys like me in the industry and I hope to be a representation of individuality and fluidity in the music/art/fashion community.

1. Audemars

“I wrote it during a time where I felt like my life was really ending and I realized how much I had missed by not opening my eyes to myself and my surroundings. I turned 25 and really felt like I had to make a real effort towards making my creativity my life’s work. underneath that, its a song I wrote about having someone open me up to love and pull me out of a dark space by showing me that love can be saved.”

2. I Just

“Sort of a story about making the same mistakes over and over and the only way to stop is to realize you’re the only one to blame. When you realize that you are in control you will make better decisions, one-night stands, losing friends etc. Also, learning the hard way that we stop ourselves from doing things.”

3. These Are The Days We Gone Miss

“A story of a relationship that has sort of ended or is in ending. Both parties are fighting each other and blaming each other about the demise instead of deciding to just pick up the pieces.”

4. Revive

“While trying to get out of a depression, I decided that the best way was to just love life the way it is and it will begin to improve. I felt immortal due to this new found understanding. This is a song about reinventing yourself and learning that is the key to living.”

5. Daddy Lessons

“An interlude to Payback. On the surface, you talking a good game about sex but I’m the best.”

6. Payback

“This is a song about someone withholding contact. cold shoulder/silent treatment. Also a play on understanding that depression/anxiety can be turned into a comfort zone for me.”

7. Nitro

A song for the haters. I love and hate them because they still feed into my ego just by thinking and talking about me. I’m just chilling and living my life while people talk shit but live in my own reality.”

8. Kilo

“A song about addiction, (to whatever/whoever). Also about being in situations where people think I’m not aware of their energy towards me but I really could care less. It encourages the listener to reflect on what they do in the dark, to bring it to the light too themselves at least, to make certain you are aware of what you are “addicted” to and to take a piece of coal and turn it into a gemstone.”