Bronx artist, Starmade Day released the new visuals for “Notoriety” featuring Kay Makavel, directed by Trikx. In 2013, he started an independent label, M.A.D.E. Which stands for My Ambition Drives Everything, with such a deep and soulful meaning behind this movement, Day continues to execute his passionate visions effortlessly. He uses his past experiences and future goals to stay motivated. Starmade Day is known to creative direct all his music videos and find the proper treatment from different sources of inspiration.

Day briefly breaks down how this all began. “ I started as StarMade from a child, hood thing with people from the neighborhood like a lil click. As I got more interested in taking music serious I thought about all the ambition I have for this and just being big on family. It’s like a family thing but everyone with drive and Ambition for something Can relate and support and enjoy the things we put out”

In the opening scene he stands with label mate, Kay Makavel as she spit bars in a New York City Subway. As he then places his MADE chain around her neck the video continues to unfold. To keep up with both artist you can add their social media handles: @starmade_day @dipset__  

Watch “Notoriety” below!

Written by: @ayo_sash