Terrius is known for his edgy creative direction, setting the record straight that he is here to stay. He has a story to tell with the vision making his stories come to life in many perspectives. We caught up with him by sharing his unshared experiences with different artists, who were on set, and how he first got into the field.

He recently worked with Skooly, Lil’ Baby, 2 Chainz, Tee Grizzley, Swift, Kodie Shane, Zaytoven, Lecrae, Hoodrich Pablo Juan, Money Mu and many more. With the help of the upcoming artists, such as Piffy Guwap, Cartel Dough, Slaughter Gang Kendall, Sieko and more, it gave his work more credibility of his vision. His projects create a storyline with a combination of cinematography techniques, colors, and camera angles. With a lot of abstract media, he uses the tools to drive the mood and atmosphere of the film. He likes creating worlds that the audience can be a part of.

When Terrius was old enough to comprehend

Photo Credit: J Nelson

what music was, he used to stand in front of the TV to dance and watch music videos. Throughout the ‘90s, he was exposed to the culture. He remembers recording over cassette tapes and building a small radio station in his room to pretend that he was in the studio. The influence of hip-hop was so strong growing up where his dad rapped and put him on to records as a young cat. Fast forward to 15 years later, he was producing beats in college.

There are many experiences that Terrius can share, but the ones that stood out to him, were Young Dolph and Skooly who is a dynamic artist he’s worked with also. 

When working with Young Dolph for the first time, Terrius’ creative team was asked for treatment and he submitted two in one day. Dolph’s team replied by wanting something to be achieved within the next 24 hours. So Terrius sent one more treatment later that evening, and it gave me him the green light to begin production. Shooting began at 12 that morning and the first few scenes were completed four hours later. Everyone then caught a flight to Los Angeles to shoot the remaining scenes and the video was done five hours later. It was dropped on Worldstar later that day.

Skooly doesn’t need a stylist because he comes on set with a mobile closet. Working with Skooly, there was some animosity at first because the scenes were redone, but when looking at the final touches, Skooly states, “This is my favorite video to date.”

When working with 2 Chainz for the “Hot Wingz” single, it was all post-production. All the footage was shot in slow motion with no audio, so Terrius had to speed up every clip and lip read 2 Chainz with a mouth full of jewelry for hours.

Terrius got into directing because of his project management skills. With having control and direction, he knew how to direct a group of individuals in the right direction to bring his vision to life. Each video he likes to take with a different approach by coming up with ideas. It consists of eating a good meal to relax his train of thought, hours of listening to the record, studying what the artist has already done, and what they haven’t tapped into. Terrius collaborates with his writing team on the ideas .

Terrius states, “By any means, I haven’t done of this by myself. Anyone in the industry that says they did it by themselves is lying. The reason I am able to be in the position I am at now is that someone believed in me. I look forward to creating some masterpieces, as well as, putting other people in a position to win. I am 1% of where I want to be and its time to get to work.”

Terrius plans to continue to produce and execute music videos. In the future, he will be into feature film production. Peep his latest visual he has edit and art directed with 2 Chainz called “Hot Wings.” If you pay close attention, the single was featured on EA Sports Madden 19.

Written By: @_issajasthing