Back in November of last year, we interviewed Atlanta rapper Deante Hitchock on the cusp of his career kicking off. Very rarely do you get to see an artist grow from making music in their bedroom to becoming a star. We were able to witness that growth with Cardi B and now we are watching the same thing happen with Deante first hand. We watched him go from freestyling in his car to becoming someone that would come across your timeline on a regular, to signing with Mark Pitts, to touring the US with 6LACK.

Deante’s career is just getting started and it’s great to watch it all unfold first hand. Almost exactly a year out from the last time we interviewed him we caught up with Deante recently to discuss his tour with 6LACK, recent successes and more.

1. You are currently on tour with 6lack and your already 8 shows in, how did that opportunity come about and how has it been so far?

  •  I don’t know if 6lack remembers this but I met him in a parking lot in Edgewood when we first met ever and it was like a fan to artist type shit, I was telling the nigga how much I enjoyed his shit. We reconnected at the Cole concert for the first time. My manager was actually tour managing him so he was putting him on to all the music. When we saw each other at the Cole concert it was an artist to artist thing.

2. This is your first major tour how does it feel to tour alongside someone like 6LACK have you picked up or learned anything while on tour?

  • This is actually my second major tour, my first major tour was with Rhapsody. I have been watching him every night. Some nights you’ll see people who were in the show just chill and kick back after they perform. I have been in the pit or the side of the stage for Summer’s show and 6LACK’s show. Some of the things I have learned has been crowd participation and stage movement. I take subconcious notes that automatically come into during my own performances. There’s always something to learn performance wise from anybody else. We’re the first act so we get to sit back and enjoy everything else.

3. What’s been your favorite city to perform in so far?

  • Raleigh and Charlotte. DC was nuts. DC was 5,000 plus people. Raleigh or Charlotte I don’t remember which one but whichever one we wore the Hawks uniform. Whichever one that was, that was when my voice started to feel better. Right before we went on tour I was sick, Summer was sick and 6LACK was sick. That show was when my voice came back so I was hype as fuck and it was the best show vocal wise to me.

4. What’s your favorite song to perform live and why?

  • “745.” For one it’s unreleased and everybody keeps hitting us up after the show like “we need that.” That’s the hype-est song on the set easily, that joint is lit as fuck and it’s the second song we do. For me, it’s definitely “745” and “No Secrets” right after.

5. When can we expect “745” to be released?

  • We just got the sample cleared. That was the holdup.

6. Your song “Wide Open” featuring Goldlink has over 400k views and your biggest video to date?

  •  We don’t have any others with Goldlink right now. I just talked to him yesterday though but he said he’s going to pop up at some of the shows, we can’t say which ones though can’t give that away. The song actually came about through some label shit, the first time meeting each other was at the video shoot. Since then we have been cool.