Tampa Bay native Big Baby Scumbag is our new Juicy J. The Sunshine State is shining bright, thanks in part to Big Baby’s tidal wave of feel-good bangers. His raps are boisterous, animated, and hilarious which in turn makes for some pretty infectious songs.

Following the release of his, Father assisted single “Victoria Secret” the rising Tampa Bay star is back with The Rapfest exclusive “Robocop” along with the accompanying video. The song which is produced by Almighty Supreme opens with Big Baby interpolating one of Three 6 Mafias biggest hits “Slob On My Knob”. The video finds Big Baby Scumbag creeping with a young lady who happens to be Robocop’s (who is a black guy in dreads wearing a Robocop mask lol) girlfriend and hilarity ensues.

Watch it all unfold below.