Getting To Know D. Chamberz

D. Chamberz calls on Manolo Rose to remix his previously released, AOMN (All Of My N*ggas). The collaborators head to Coney Island for the visuals of the Sisco 808-produced heat. We caught up with D. Chamberz prior to the release to chop it up about where in Coney Island he took Manolo, his favorite rappers, and more.

RF:If you had to invite Manolo Rose to Coney Island to hangout, where would you take him? 

Manolo came out to Coney Island for the video shoot. I brought him to Coney Island’s new sports bar, The Mermaid Lounge.

RF: What keeps you creative and consistent with your music? 
Studying the market and watching how trends change.

RF: Name your top 3 old school rappers and why? 
Jay-z, Cam’ron, and 2-pac. They all had meaning and purpose with their message and were story tellers.

RF: Do you believe in Juice Life like our fellow friend, Styles P? 

I’m not too familiar with it. I heard about it, I’m sure its good for the body.