Chicago’s DLOW Is Showing No Signs Of Stopping

Many artist come into the industry and make a staple as to what vibe they will bring. From the system of Chicago comes a newer artist called DLOW. Daryon Simmons AKA DLOW set a new standard for himself when him and the Bop Kings created a dance crazy that took over the Chi. Since then everything has been on a consistent grind! His 2015 single Do It Like Me created a wave of over 66 million viewers that indulged into the pulsating dance moves, and furthermore pushed the rising star on to a multitude of stages in a span of only eight months. I AM DLOW EP is out now for download via iTunes here.

Currently signed to Atlantic Records, DLOW aims to finish out the year with a growing resume featuring conscience lyrical bodies of work. The 20 year old is starving and caught up with The Rapfest for some street side Hip Hop nourishment. The Rapfest would like to present to you fans an exclusive freestyle over Chief Keef’s single Faneto. After the video get to know the true meaning behind DLOW during a brief Q&A above.

RF: For those who don’t know you, tell everyone what DLOW is all about. 
Well, DLOW is an acronym. The “D” is for determined. “L”, loyal. “O”, Optimistic. “W”, Willing to learn. I’m 20 years old, from Chicago Illinois (West Side). Dance and music are my outlets. It’s how I express myself and the kids are who I do it for. I really want to make a good future and be a good guidance for the kids. And yeah, that’s what DLOW is, that’s what I stand for.

RF: What’s the meaning behind this song? What made you direct the lyrics as you did here?
It’s just me challenging the world to do something. So many people stay sheltered because they’re scared of their environments and they’re scared off people’s opinions about them. But, I challenge them to get in there and do something, have fun. Dance!

RF: Have you been struck with any tragedies in Chicago, where your family or friends were victims or negatively effected through the use of Guns and violence?
Yes, I have been affected. I’ve lost friends, family members, I’ve lost friends of family members. So I definitely know how it feels to be a part of the Chicago life.

RF:What do you feel can be done to ratify the violence in Chicago, particularly amongst the youth and teens?

Definitely do little things to bring people together. Little events like we did on tour, town hall meetings every weekend. Different things to get everybody involved because that’s the problem; everybody is so separated and everybody is so sheltered to where they’re from and they don’t like to get to know others. If others come around they feel threatened. So, we just give everybody a chance to get to know one another, see what people are really about, instead of being so judgmental and just really bring unity back to the city.

RF: Do you feel that the violence and disruption is a Government, Political, or Community issue?

I think it’s a little bit of both. The government and community. Because the government only makes it worse with the laws that they bring to the city. And the community is just the community man, it just what they know. It’s what they were born and raised to do. They just adapt to what they’re taught. That’s why a lot of kids these days want to gang bang – because their people used to do that or their community is known for that. So, they have to adapt and fit in. So both play a role in it.

RF: What is the take away message you would like your listeners to have after hearing this remix?
I want people to really understand – and I stress this a lot – anything is possible! You know, my community was messed up, I grew up in a bad government. I lost people, I could’ve easily been a statistic. I could’ve easily been one of those young black brothers not doing anything with his life. Gangbanging, selling drugs, hanging with the wrong crowd. But I saw the bigger picture. I saw that my brothers and sisters have to grow up in this society. I have a daughter who has to grow up in this society. My grandparents taught me the ups and downs, and all the ropes of life. I just want people to really realize that it’s way bigger than what you’re used to. You’re used to not having anything and anybody. But, there are people out there who really care. There are dreams that can turn into reality. As long as you have faith in yourself and God, anything is possible. I just want everybody to know that anything is possible!