Josh Dixon from the east side of Atlanta has found music as his calling ever since a young age. From his Carribean roots, he discovered his passion for music at about the age of 13. Starting a music group in high school, he eventually went on his own and linked up with his friends from high school who made a record label (East Chain) and started recording independently as a solo artist. From 2014 Josh has been perfecting his craft and dropping numerous singles and videos. Following the release of his latest video “On The East” the Atlanta native returns with his anticipated full-length EP Love Pains. On the EP Josh touches on different trials and tribulations that he has gone through life such as lost love and losing his sister.

Check out Josh Dixon’s breakdown of the project and listen to Love Pains below.
Why did I want to share this with the world?

I believe as humans we go through similar things and pains it just all hits differently because we are all different people. With that being said on this project there is a track that everyone can relate too in some way. I put my personal life on the line and described it in a way everyone can relate too. Some tracks such as “Alright” and “Lonely Road” get deep and actually show my vulnerability as a human.

We all have feelings as much as we may try not to portray them. You have songs such as “Hold Me Down” & “ Would You Ride” that bump and are headbangers. “At Ya Doe” was one of the first singles and came out in June 2018, since then it has been added to numerous hot playlist and accumulated over 50,000 streams respectively. Then you have songs like the “Fr Fr’s “which just describe real shit and thoughts that go through my head.

Most importantly this project was done to remember my sister and lost peers over the years. RIP to all my fallen soldiers, I’m going super hard for y’all right now. Shout out my team and people I call family East Chain & I could not do this project without my brother @teezyontheboards , I never realized what I was doing in high school but now I know why God brought it all together.