Kidd Kidd Is Your Favorite Rapper’s Worst Nitemare

As The Rapfest continues to pump out new and exclusive content, today we shine on a light on G-Unit/Rider Gang‘s Kidd Kidd. Known for his one of a kind cadence and abstract rhyme style, Kidd Kidd recently released his mixtape “Rapper’s Worst Nitemare,” a collection of songs of the New Orleans native adding his own spin on some of his favorite instrumentals. With Chris Zino behind the lens as director, The Rapfest gives Kidd Kidd’s “Ready Or Not,” a visual treatment. Taking The Fugee’s classic hit of the same name, Kidd Kidd gives the song a gritty feel while also taking some time out to tell The Rapfest why he chose such a classic instrumental. Be on the look for the remaining editions of The Rapfest & Kidd Kidd’s “Rapper’s Worst Nitemare” series slated for release every Friday for the next two weeks.

Kidd Kidd’s “F**k Da Fame” is slated for release Tuesday September 15th.