The Rapfest Drops The Kidd Kidd’s Rapper’s Worst Nitemare In Full

Over the course of the last few weeks Kidd Kidd has been creating exclusive content with the Rapfest. The first, Rapper’s Worst Nitemare Part 1, dropped a few weeks ago, and the second and third part dropped after.

Kidd Kidd first released his mixtape Rapper’s Worst Nitemare, a collection of songs the New Orleans native loves, and added his own spin to. With Chris Zino behind the lens as director to the Rapfest X Kidd Kidd’s Rapper’s Worst Nitemare series, Kidd Kidd got 3 different visual treatments, and they have all been put into one video now. “Rapper’s Worst Nitemare” series dropped every Friday.

The first video was Kidd Kidd rapping over The Fugees classic, Ready Or Not. In part two of Rapper’s Worst Nitemare, Kidd Kidd flows effortlessly over Jay Z‘s Can I Live. In the last freestyle, he brings his abstract rhyme to Meek Mill‘s Dreams and Nightmares (Intro). After delivering his freestyle, at the end of every video he tells The RapFest why he decided to use the instrumental on his mixtape. Watch all the videos together above.