Straight out of Memphis, FAST CASH BOYZ are here with their new single/anthem “Cash Walk”. While working on their forthcoming project FCB TOO BANGIN, their producer DMac began playing beats and when one beat, in particular, began to play; the guys instantly caught a vibe. The hook came instantly and as they finished the song in its entirety, the vibe was so high that the video was shot in the studio on the spot. When asked about the record
Fast Cash Boyz member Jizzle described the record as:

“You know when you just got paid, accomplished a goal or you’re just in such a great damn mood? That’s what this record and our little dance represent. It’s just a vibe and there’s no other way to put it! Get into this sh*t!” – Jizzle of FCB

Be on the lookout for FCB’s new 7-track EP, FCB TOO BANGIN releasing this Friday!