Show Tufli Is Here To Prove He’s Up Next

New York is on a high right now with rapper Desiigner being the first rapper to hit #1 on the Billboard charts since Jay Z. The song’s success puts the eye back on the home of hip-hop where Show Tufli is waiting to prove that he is next. Influenced by the struggles of growing up in Harlem, Show Tufli brings us Champagne Caviar , a reflection on his past as well as his current life perspective. He teams his vocals with a Mr. Authentic instrumental to give fans a visual story of his come up and his plans to never forget where he came from.

We chopped it up with Show TuFli to get to know a little bit more about the man behind the music, what his influences are, his inspiration behind the song’s cover art, and more.

RF: What influences your distinctive sound?

ST: My sound comes from my love of all types of music. I get inspired by art, my generation and my environment. Musically I’m heavily influenced by 90s hip hop and R&b. I grew up in that era and it always stuck with me. I always incorporate that old feel into today’s new sound.

RF: Who or what inspired this specific song?

ST: This song was inspired by true events. I wrote about things that caused pain and struggle growing up but I wrote it from my perspective now. Feeling like my life is going to change and I’ll be able to provide for my family. Our meals will consist of “champagne and caviar”. No more struggle.

RF: Who produced the record?
ST: Champagne & Caviar is produced by Mr. Authentic. He’s worked with guys like Vado and Tory Lanez. He’s dope you should be hearing more music from us soon.

RF: Even the cover is very NYC with the bodega / Chinese spot imagery. Was all of that meant to be symbolic for the tone of the record?
ST: Yeah I want most of my artwork to give people a visual of the story. I want to show people where I’m from because it inspires my music so much. The song is titled champagne and caviar but I’m in front of a Chinese restaurant in the hood in Harlem to show there’s still a struggle. It’s not all five star restaurants. To know where I’m going and remember where I came from.

RF: What can we expect from you in the near future?

ST: You can expect a body of work coming in May called Right All Wrongs aka RAW. I also have a mini movie called RAW that will come with a soundtrack as well. I have a lot of material to release and now I’m working on my next project A God To A Goddess. Which I think will show people how versatile I can be. God willing. Thank you Rapfest for your support. Much Love!

Listen to Champagne & Caviar from his forthcoming R.A.W. (Righting All Wrongs) EP below.

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