New York producer, engineer, and artist Viko Marley is finally ready to introduce the world to his genre-less sound. Today he shares his self-produced debut single “Old News” featuring Sheila Carlito. Sonically the song is about good vibes. It’s sexy, jazzy and has an ominous feel to it but at the same time, a reprise is happening.

The song is inspired by Viko’s own relationships and is about realizing one’s emotions. Whether it’s a relationship a job or life in general people want to reach out something that is familiar because it’s comforting and they know what to expect. The song essentially pushes back on that idea and is about recognizing that you are strong enough to not go back to that old toxic relationship and that sometimes it’s ok to just sit down and enjoy your own space. It taps into emotions that people have every day but would regularly push aside.

Listen to “Old News” below and lookout for more music from the talented Viko Marley.