Zyaire Rosier Has The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

Zyaire Rosier, who was part of our 2nd Rapfest Breaking Artist Showcase, dedicated his latest release to his mother just in time for Mother’s Day. When we spoke to Zyaire before the premiere he told us that I See Jesus would be his only Mother’s Day gift this year since it’s the only present he can afford. However, after hearing the meaning behind the song and him telling us that he “sees the reflection of Jesus,” and “that image of Christ through her unwavering love,” we quickly realized that this record might be better than any other gift.

To get to know Zyaire Rosier a little better we spoke to him about his relationship with his mother, his most memorable moment as a child, and where he draws his inspirations from.

Define the title of the song, i See Jesus. Why that title specifically? 
The reason that I chose that specific title is because it’s what my angels whispered to me. It’s what I felt in my spirit; when I look at my mother, I see the reflection of Jesus. I see that image of Christ through her unwavering love. I see a woman who not only carried her burden, but the burdens of her two children as well. My mother has always been my rock, her love has never failed me nor forsaken me, she has always been a pillar of hope and faith in my life. She has never abandoned me in my trials of distress; whether I was being a knucklehead at school or we were sitting across from one another at tables having a conversation in prison facilities, she has always been my refuge.

How has your relationship with your mother changed from childhood to adulthood? 
My relationship with my mother is very similar then as it is now. Of course being 27, we’ve had our share of arguments and differences, but what mother, son combination does not. Granted nowadays, I have a better understanding of life and know now why I can’t have every piece of candy in the grocery store, but ultimately my mother is my best friend. I’ve always been able to go to her for anything and still do to this current date. She has always trusted my decisions and has always been supportive in all of my endeavors to the best of her capabilities. On a good day we can be the two most silliest people in a room, my sister always says we’re two of the same kind, even when we fight at times it’s hard not to crack a smile.

What’s your most memorable moment in childhood? 
I have a couple memorable moments but they’re very vague. When I was a child my family would always come together in the living area to watch Michael Jackson concert tapes. That was prior to my parents splitting up, we never did much together as a family so that is something that has always stuck with me over the years. I also often recall waiting up until midnight for my mother to come home. This usually occurred whenever she would have to work her second job or worked a double shift. I would press my face upon the project bedroom window, waiting. From where I stood, I could see the parking lot, but not in its entirety. As my mother walked down the stairway and through the back-way of the court yard, I would watch her until I couldn’t see her anymore. Then, I would run to the front and embraced her with a warm hug as she opened the door, I still recall her work scent. As I look in retrospect, I think we both looked forward to those hugs.

Where do you draw inspiration from as an artist?
This is a great question. My inspiration comes from a plethora of places, people and my life experiences. My inspiration often comes from within, I’m a very sensitive person so I feel very intensely about many things that have occurred in my life or in the lives of others. I like to paint the raw emotions of existence. I like to paint the shadows of a picture, you know; the picture in the room that’s not the prettiest, but if you look close enough you will find it’s dark hidden beauty.