Things got a little heated on the set of Complex’s BET Edition of Everyday Struggle. Joe Budden, DJ Akademiks, and moderator Nadeska were conducting an interview with the Migos and things just went left.

In the video, DJ Akademiks says to Takeoff “I feel like its a running joke that you’re left off Bad & Boujee.” Takeoff answers numerous times but Akademiks couldn’t hear him clearly so he kept asking him to repeat himself. That’s when Joe and Nadeska step in and say it’s time to wrap up the interview. Akademiks goes on to speak some more and Joe clearly gets frustrated seemingly with the Migos and Akademiks, so he drops the mic and walks off. That’s when things went left because the Migos stand up and Quavo says “So what you tryna do?” and everybody starts to get in-between the rappers.

Let’s hope that there isn’t any real issues between any of them and that the air is cleared up!