Vee Hendrix is a lyricist without question and she ’s not here for the fashion, clothes, buggatis etcetera. She genuinely loves music and is only here for the delivery. As a no-nonsense small heavyweight in her hometown of St. Louis Vee has been making a name for herself throughout the city. She killed the coast to coast tour. Opened up for Blac Youngsta and many other artists and now Vee has been making her rounds as one of the most promising female rappers coming out of the Lou. She spazzed on a mixtape remix of “Wake Me Up” which made Grammy-nominated diamond producer, Jay E take notice of the female M.C. “I just want an opportunity to showcase my skills,” she said. “ I work hard and I want more for my life then what I see around me.”

Vee says her delivery and work ethic is what separates her from everybody but still gives props to all the female MCs. I can’t be outworked. I live and breathe music. I respect the women who paved the way for all of us. I love Trina, Nicki Minaj, and Remy Ma. They have strong delivery, they are great writers. They’ve had a profound impact. You can’t take away what these women have done. I like anyone who puts in work and I think that it’s unfair to just discard artists who have contributed to the culture. I like Cardi B but I also think you can have more than one female rapper on top. I feel like people bandwagon and try to separate people and make it into a competition and it doesn’t have to be like that. She’s had the most songs on the top 100 and had girls dressing up like her the way young people used to be dressed up like Madonna in their age that’s impact. If I could perform with anyone it would be Bruno Mars and Lil Wayne. That would be amazing.”