Tianne King is an inspiring, influential, creative entrepreneur, hailing from Harlem New York. Her passion for dance opened up many doors to share her story and influence other black women to live in their full universal power. Growing up Tianne King was fortunate to have her parents by her side supporting and investing in her dreams.
This magnificent and ambitious dream chaser studied Ballet at School of American Ballet in 2006, where she was blessed with the opportunity to live out her dreams. As result of this huge accomplishment, Tianne King spirit and heart lead her to receive her first degree in Early Childhood Education from Herkimer Community College. She was selected to be the caption of “The Black Students Union” and Dance team, where her purpose in being an amazing skillful dancer became deeper. She began coordinating her own Hip Hop classes as a Choreographer.
In 2010, Tianne King gave birth to her beautiful talented daughter Heaven King. As a single mother who wanted a promising future for her child, Tianne decided to move to Atlanta, Georgia to further her career. This fierce and sassy superstar got her big break at the Atlanta Hawks game during halftime in 2012. At this very same moment she realized that her daughter loved to dance and was very skillful at it too, so Tianne King started recording her daughter to see how her fans would gravitate towards it, and they quickly fell in love with her. At the age of 2, she was able to go viral dancing to Beyonce “711” hit single, which lead to an invitation to be on the Ellen Show. This definitely motivated Tianne King to bring the Mommy and Me Entertainment to life. Since then she has expanded the channel to over 1,444,715 subscribers and has accumulated close to a half billion views altogether. This phenomenal successful CEO produced and directed the “Watch Me Whip” video that won Youtube Video of the year with over 200 mil views. This put fuel to Tianne King’s fire, sparking skill she used as an Executive producer for doc follow series with Go90 called “Raising Heaven”. They got a lot of great feedback off this project as well.
Furthermore, Tianne has partnered with Cheerios, Target, DOVE, Google just to name a few, creating memorable and power content for these brand.  She is currently working with Pine-Sol in the release of their new Bluetooth bucket. Recently Tianne King released a new exclusive video, where she interprets the Power Maya Angelou’s Phenomenal Woman, exposing her deepest secrets of who she is as a high vibrational Goddess.  She shares a message of confidence and strength through dance and movements, with a stunning fashionable wardrobe. Tianne King looks to continue empowering other women to love themselves more and share with the world who they truly are. She believes all women should have the right to live free and be embraced for the creative abilities. Her primary goal is to continue releasing meaningful content that will push the culture forward. Tianne King does this effortless and with style. I highly recommend you all check out her work and spread the greatness you have come across. Tianne King has again created something special.

Instagram: @heavenkingdances
Twitter: @tianneking
Instagram: @prophet5050
Twitter: @prophet5050