Tiny Is Fed Up!

Tiny isn’t going to hold her tongue any longer! Her and T.I.’s relationship has been quite public for a while, especially with their reality TV show. A video recently went viral of Tiny dancing with Mayweather, and the media went crazy. Everyone was saying that this was the reason for the couple having a rocky road. Tiny wanted to clear everything up and took to her Facebook to do so.

She wrote:

“When a woman’s fed up… 🙄 For years i’ve been the one getting hurt, but now that a lil video done surfaced with me having a friendly dance , he’s mad?? Why? Yes, he’s my husband but damn can I not have a male friend?! Tip can’t be the only male friend I associate myself with just like I know I ain’t the only Female he associate hisself with so… It is what it is..”

You can check out the post for yourself below, and let us know what you think about it all:


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