TLC, as real TLC fans know, are living legends. They gave us classics like “No Scrubs”, “Waterfalls”, “Red Light Special”, and “Unpretty”. Yesterday, May 6th, the group delivered a single that is easily a fresh take on that familiar west coast frequency.

The visual primarily features Chili and T-Boz vibing at a house party.

“Way Back” also has a strong spirit of sisterhood.

“Time keeps on passin’/But you still my bi***/Can’t tell us nothin’/And it’s nothing but a thing to pick up where we left off…Don’t you ever think back on all that otha’ sh**/We went through/You know I remember…Don’t you ever wish/One day we could reminisce/It feels like we were just together/’Cause we go way back/Like Prince and Marvin Gaye…”

T-Boz even rocked a military-style jacket with Left Eye printed on a patch on her left arm. The top also features Michael Jackson drawn on the back with the word, “ICON”, at the bottom.

On top of that, Snoop Dogg features on the track. He even appears in the footage for a bit. Check it out below.

A summer anthem, ladies? On top of all this, TLC will release their album on June 30th. When you pre-order, you get three tracks, including “Way Back”. TLC has not released a music video in 14 years. Additionally, this self-titled album is being gifted to us after fifteen years.

Anora Blazin