Born and raised in Tokyo Japan, DJ and Music Producer Fourd Nkay, has made quite the name for himself since his transition to the New York music scene in 2008. As a producer, he has worked with many artists including SadatX of Brand Nubian, Oun-P, Masspike Miles(MMG/Inkkwell), Robbie Nova and many more.
In 2012 he produced 2 tracks from Oun-P’s mixtape “F.A.C.T.S”. which did exceptionally well streaming. As a result of this his DJ, career soared, allowing him to curate his sound rocking the tables in Lower East Side, K-Town, Downtown Brooklyn. In Clubs such as Bar13, Novotel Rooftop, Ichi-Cellar and The Delancey as Saturday resident. He’s also opened for / co-worked with celebrity DJs from Hot97 and Power105.
In 2016 he started his own entertainment group that’s called “Straight Heat Ent”. However Straight Heat Ent is not your average promoting group, instead of the collective assist in booking other DJs for shows and connecting artists to opportunities all while curating his own online monthly radio show called “Straight Heat Radio”.
2018 has been quite the year already for DJ Fourd Nkay releasing his brand new single “Money Walk” with Brooklyn Hip-hop artist 2 Milly who’s known for “Milly Rock”.

Lucky for us we were able briefly to interview 2 Milly regarding the single check it out below

1.In your song “Money Walk” you say the phrase “Sturdy” or “Sturdy Gang” what does that mean for those who may not understand the term?
Sturdy Means Well Put Together or to the best of ya abilities.. when I say sturdy up it means like get wit the program .. And Being That I bought the word sturdy to Life I made it the name of the gang SturdyGang

2.Your song “Money Walk” produced by DJ Fourd Nkay which is really lit. How did that song come about?
The Song Money Walk Came about rather simple .. The beat is incredible and I was saying to myself the whole week Money Talk BS Walk . I Kinda Switched It Up To make it make sense and not really copy that phrase.. But it’s basically saying money talk BS Walk if u don’t got money go and get it mask on or off the illegal way or the legal way

3.You were on Hot 97 a few months ago what was that experience like for you?
Being On Hot97 is an overwhelming feeling me being the creator of MillyRock had people doubting I could actually make music so just for somebody to have that ear out for me and know I can create and give me a platform to show it Was dope
S/o my Guy HipHopMike

4.In addition to that you have Drake “Nice For What” remix that’s been getting great reviews. Are you planning on releasing more remixes to songs or was this one time thing ?
Many More Freestyles to come I don’t plan on Letting up at all

5.Any other upcoming projects we can expect from you soon?
Welcome 2 Millyville coming.. the album and 2.M a mixtape of the most common freestyles to be released this summer it’s bout to heat up