Top Ten Tri-state Rappers 

Yes, it’s time for our top ten Tristate Rappers that have been making nothing but noise these last few seasons.  We will finally unveil this times pickings after being put together by our hip-hop culture team. These rappers, some you may already know of and some not so much, made sure to steal the year with their distinctive flows, style, and grind ethic.

Through several exciting projects released and successful milestones reached, all the artists mentioned in our list truly deserve their position. We tried to balance it as much as we could so every artist gets the chance to have their musical ability showcased. What makes these rappers so great? There are several factors that contain different philosophies behind the selection picked for you.

Let’s get started with the number one pick from our list!

A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie

It is easy to see why A-Boogie is number one for the Tri-state area after his record-breaking singles that went viral. The rapper is signed to Highbridge the Label and Atlantic Records. From his best-known record “My Sh–,” A-Boogie was recognized by many popular musicians like Fabolous and Remy Ma, who eventually remixed the buzzing track. These co-signs helped A-Boogie take over New York, shining a light on his musical talent and promise.

 A-Boogie is from a neighborhood called Highbridge in Bronx, New York. Growing up, A-Boogie started rapping at a young age, helping to perfect his craft. Along with his journey, he teamed up with Quincy (Don Q) who helped him create the label Highbridge, under their local studio. A-Boogie released his first project right after this milestone, which was titled Artist. The full-length project took everyone by surprise and allowed the masses to acknowledge A-Boogie as a force in the hip-hop world.

Releasing a project with his close friend Don’Q titled “Highbridge the Label: The Takeover Vol. 1”, the project showcased all the talent under Highbridge and helped A-Boogie to display his audience his skills. And later on, the two artists were seen viciously dominating their freestyle on HOT97 with Funk Flex.  Throughout the work that A-Boogie was putting into his career, he was recognized by Forbes, Billboard, Rolling Stone and many other major music culture publications, which propelled his sound to a wider audience.

With all the success happening, A-Boogie released his EP titled TBA, which hit the charts fairly quickly and helped to prove that he was nowhere close to slowing down with his career.

It is time to recognize his accomplishments throughout his long journey. As one of the freshmen for XXL’s 2017 Freshmen Class,  dropping his lead record-breaking single “Drowning,” which featured Kodak Black, A-Boogie went from being a rapper from The Bronx who was only recognized by his local neighborhood, to one of the hottest artists blowing up throughout the states; and showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Make sure to support A-Boogie by buying his new album The Bigger Artist, which is available on iTunes.

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Coming in at number two is the lyrical Harlem rapper Dave East, who has been making a dramatic change in our music culture little by little. Featured on XXL’s Freshman Class of 2016, East has been perfecting his craft throughout the years of his career with his outstanding work ethic, releasing many impressive projects over the years to finally gaining his rightful notoriety.

Spending most of his life on the basketball courts of Harlem, his love for ball and writing about his experiences would go hand in hand as gifts that would later transcend his life. Earning himself a basketball scholarship at the University of Richmond, East gained attention for his basketball skills; even having toured alongside now-NBA notable Kevin Durant during his earlier days. But with having to cut school short, his lyrical abilities would catapult him to brewing hip hop star status.  Not a bad interchange.

East transformed the music culture in New York single-handily with his mean, gritty flow on each project released. Dropping his first mixtape in 2010,  entitled Change of Plans, it awarded him appreciation from local supporters. After that, East released many other mixtape projects like American Greed (2011), Black Rose (2014), Straight Outta Harlem (2014), among a few others ensuring his fans his commitment to the music.

East eventually ended up signing with legendary rapper Nas’ Mass Appeal Records alongside many talented rappers like Bishop NehruBoldy James, and Fashawn, further solidifying his name in the game. He set a bar for himself that he managed to go above and beyond with, delivering many remixes such as “Cut It” and “Uber Everywhere.”.

Keeping up with his work ethic, he eventually got himself signed to Def Jam Records.

Looking through all of East’s accomplishments, it is clear to see why he is number two on our list. East has made sure to give his audience nothing but the best when it comes to that old-school, gritty New York flow that the Tri-state has been waiting on for many years to return.  And, now here it is.

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Number three is the much-talked about female rapper Cardi B who has been taking off on all levels with back-to-back bangers, making it hard for anyone to compete with her lyrical talent and vibrant energy.  Most notably, acquiring a very monumental esteem recently with becoming the first solo female rapper to hit the top of the charts since Lauryn Hill’s 1998 “That Thing.” She is Hip Hop’s highest charting female rapper with her hit “Bodak Yellow”, still holding the no. 1 spot for 3 weeks in a row now; Cardi B is on top of the world at this very moment in time.

She started off her early life in The Bronx, in the Highbridge neighborhood like some of her fellow cohorts; and like many others growing up, Cardi faced heeps of obstacles which she overcame to become the determined musician you see today.

Gaining attention with several viral videos, she made sure to take advantage of her growing fame to soon after becoming a reality TV star on VH1’s Love & Hip Hop: New York, which helped to turn her musical career to the next level. Cardi gave rapping a try after creating a few remixes before she joined up with “Love & Hip Hop” for Season 6, which provided her with the exposure to a much larger audience, which would eventually single-handedly play a role in her current successes as a rapper.  She truly has a story like no other, with trials and tribulations that shaped her career.

Cardi’s unexpected fame came as a surprise to everyone at first, but it was easy to see that she had an ambition that was hard to ignore.

With a passion for music that many lack, Cardi’s first major success in her career came from her impressive body of music, her debut mixtape, Gangsta Bitch Music Vol. I, released in March 2016, showcasing Cardi’s personality and lyrical talent.  And later went on to drop Gangsta Bitch Music Vol. 2, and major hits like, “Lick”, “Foreva”, her platinum hit “Bodak Yellow” and more.

Up for nine BET Hip-Hop nominations, it is clear to see why Cardi B deserves to be number three on our radar.  It’s safe to say that Cardi is no longer on a rise to stardom, as she is already there.  Her feat has been revolutionary.

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 Don Q

Don Q has been establishing himself as one of the most vicious lyrical musicians in the game, turning heads throughout the states.

Well known for being A-Boogie’s right-hand man, releasing collaborative projects that have given their audience the new wave of music with the old New York gritty sound we respect so much in this region, Don Q is our pick for number four on our top ten Tri-state musicians due to his ability to overcome any challenge put in his way.

Raised in the Highbridge neighborhood of The Bronx, Don Q has already set himself apart from many rappers though collaborations with rappers like Dave East, Meek Mill, A-Boogie, and many others. His first project Don Season was the notable body of music that helped get him recognized by a larger audience, which also played a major role in building his 12-track mixtape Corner Stories.

Nowhere close to any other project he’s dropped before, the tape was loaded with veterans and others marked for acclaim in the music culture, like Jadakiss, Fabolous, Zoey Dollaz, PNB Rock, etc. This project did not hold back on the production side as well, with works done by Murda Beats, Honorable C.N.O.T.E, Nick Papz, etc. to help craft this incredible project.

Don Q shows no sign of slowing down for anyone. Earning his place on our radar for many reasons, from his old school delivery with the old New York sound, to his lyrical style that stands him out from any other rappers coming up. Don Q is here to show everyone that real hip-hop is back and it is about to make waves on all fronts.

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Number five is Brooklyn female emcee Young M.A, best known for her rise after taking over the summer with her still hitting single “Ooouuu”. She gives her audience nothing but that old, New York granular flow that Hip Hop’s been longing for.  This summer 2017, M.A’s raspy voice and lyrical delivery ended up establishing her as one of the few most ambitious and clever rappers taking over New York, and Hip Hop in general.

Making a splash in the New York music scene with her first viral freestyle “Chiraq”, she hit the ground with nothing but bars. Taking advantage of another opportunity with her track “Body Bag”, she came at all her haters with a furious bar delivery and made sure to separate herself from other rappers. M.A’s most known track that put her on a level beyond others was what we all know, “Ooouuu”, hitting the streets and internet, it blew up the charts. And also amassed remixes by Meek Mill, the Game, Montana of 300, to name a few.

Young M.A is a true New York music veteran even in her young state, with her effective remixes and clever flow that separates her music from so many.  She deserves to be recognized for her lyrical gift. Among the few musicians that made it to the top of the rap game without any assistance from any major labels or outlets, her raps are vicious, and everything that hip-hop has been missing; that is why she deserves to be on our list for top ten.

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 Bishop Nehru

Coming in number six is the Nanuet, New York rapper Bishop Nehru. Nehru has built a very respected reputation throughout his journey for rapping, producing, and editing music visuals. In the early years of his career, Nehru started off making all types of instrumentals under the name “Kelz Scott.” Throughout the years, he gained much attention from his various freestyles that ranged from ten thousand to a few hundred thousand views on YouTube.

Nehru eventually built up his reputation quickly once WorldStarHipHop and other outlets picked him up to have their audience recognize the potential in the young talented rapper. Featured on many outlets, WorldStarHipHop covered him as their “Youth Rap Talent of The Week,” while Hot97 covered him for their “Who’s Next”.

At a young age, Nehru released his debut mixtape project “Nehruvia,” a 13-track project which included a variety of music production behind it from Madlib, MF Doom, and many other talented producers among them.

The NYC hip-hop whiz kid, Nehru is living proof that New York’s sound is not gone. Nehru has blessed his audience with several visuals, having a creative aspect that many musicians cannot perfect. His music movement grows stronger with each new project he releases. As there is more to come from Nehru, keep an eye out for the young prodigy.

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 Up next is our number seven artist, the Harlem rapper Nino  Man who has kept a steady grind throughout the year holding on with his consistent bangers for the streets.

Nino came upon the scene with buzz throughout his vicious freestyles and music videos. One of the hottest freestyle’s that Nino dropped was with Funk Flex. He made sure not to hold back with his rapid bar to bar delivery, with nothing but lyrical heat; making several bars about growing up and the success he has now.  This freestyle made sure to have all of Harlem on their feet.

One key element to expect from Nino is his ability to adjust his visuals to go along with his music. His visuals always catch his audience and keep them focused on the story behind the music. One music video that he sets the vision perfectly in, was his “Manolo”, shot by BenjiFilmz.

Nino Man has changed up the music scene for Harlem in a way that many rappers can’t. He stays consistent when it comes to releasing new music for his fans. His lyrical skill behind his music helps shape his visuals to become jaw-dropping and shocking. He also has made a major movement on social media in his viral freestyles, keeping his fans satisfied with new music anytime it is needed.

Nino deserves to be featured as one of our top artists making noise throughout the Tri-State. He has done his job at keeping real hip-hop abreast.

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Coming in at number eight is the New Jersey gladiator, Albee Al. Albee is best known for his distinctive tone, releasing many viral music videos and freestyles throughout his career, introducing his sound to a wider audience.

Albee Al grew up in New Jersey and is well known for living that real street life.  Albee’s career slowed down when he caught a murder charge in 2012, facing one hundred years for the crime, but having only served four, in 2015, Albee beat the murder charges, and he was soon set free, putting his charges behind him to start his music career officially.

Albee has found a way in taking his life experiences expressing them throughout his music. The music he creates has a gritty and violent sound that goes together with the street vibe.  Moving at full speed, taking over the states with his musical gift, Albee drops consistent bangers while applying pressure to anyone who doubts him.

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KM Kash of Spring Valley has been reaching the spotlight throughout this year in a very major way; his vibe comes straight from the New York hip-hop culture. While being in the game for only a few years, he has made sure to get recognized quickly by his lyrical ability. While being slightly overlooked as no. 9, KM is the underdog in this music race.

KM has been releasing back to back bangers with his remixes to very trending tracks like “Save Me” and “Back On Tour.” Establishing himself in the music culture to bring real hip-hop influence back on the streets. KM pieced his music altogether with his very creative visuals that show off his hardships.

Putting work in this whole year since his successful mixtape project Play 2, the mixtape surpassed over ten thousand downloads and streams on Spinrilla. Since its introduction, KM released nothing but consistent records for his fans, growing his audience.  A Spring Valley native, KM has been severely overlooked; however, will soon be presented with a bustling platform, bringing back a particular missed aura. So, make sure to stay on a lookout for his newest projects such as future mixtape IKWT, dropping soon.

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And coming in at number ten is the New York rapper, Harlem native Neek Bucks blew up after the release of his mixtape Here For A Reason; not to mention, earlier mixtapes such as Almost Famous and PentHouse.

The Atlantic signee, cosigned by Bad Boy legend Ma$e himself, started to focus on his career in 2011, at the age of sixteen, getting him noticed throughout New York more and more for his skill and talent. And coming across other cosigns from the likes of Jim Jones, who also makes a few special appearances on many of Bucks’ visuals and tracks “Am I Wrong” and “Can’t Tell Bout”, Bucks’ future in music is brighter than ever.

An ambition brought on by what only seemed to be a blessing at life, Bucks’ Here For A Reason (2014) was said to have been inspired by the fact that he somehow survived a gunshot wound to the head in 2011 that he only realize was so until 3 years later when he finally checked himself into a hospital due to some migraines to receive X-rays proving his life a miracle.  Recognizing the blessing, it was then his aspirations would unfold.

Overall, it is apparent that Neek Bucks is hitting the ground running and is not ready to slow down until he reaches pivotal acclamation.

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Did we miss anybody this time around?

As we are already gearing for the next ten, help us find the next region’s top ten, leave your comments down below.