So we gotta give it up for the internet.  The internet has created more careers than college.

Had it not been for the internet, we would know nothing about this family.  And I mean nothing, as it has long been understood the talent-less gifts they possess aside from taking perfect selfies; having body parts that weren’t there before just magically appear, and literally driving black men crazy.  I bet there are so many women trying to figure out their magic; and so many men wishing to get touched.

Not sure why we continue to give them life every time they do something for the culture as they aren’t that original at all.  But we can’t seem to keep away, waiting for their next big internet break.

They have even earned an award created in their honor for the many occasions of doing so.


Who can forget the day we discovered the Kardashians?  A one Kim Kardashian’s bare ass was splattered all over the internet when a sex video of her and then-boyfriend Ray J popped up.  People would go mad over the then-exotic beauty and her ample attributes.  But if you ask me, I’m not really sure what the big deal was.  I saw the video, it wasn’t all that.  I became a bit sleepy while watching actually.

I also recall those episodes of KUWTK with Kim in ugly face, crying about how badly she wanted to step away from her porn star type reputation that she began with.  But with all the nude photos she gets paid to take since,  I’m starting to think that a porn star is exactly what she wanted to be.  Just a little bit more high priced, landing her right in the money seat.

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