With a large number of women conquering the music industry over years, some women were influential enough to mark their presence for the generation of all times. The music industry gained more encouragement mainly with the advent of 19th century. Women in particular started paving their ways into the entertainment industry including the music industry. Moreover, rapping had always been associated with men in the past. But as more and more women stepped out as female singers and rappers, the traditional music trivia was resolved.

The article below enlists top 5 female rappers from 90s who proved to be the most dominated hip-hop queens of their time. This list obviously could not include a lot of very famous and renowned female rappers but the rap music trivia in all of our minds might get a little direction after reading the article below:


  • Queen Latifah


If you talk about the female rappers of 90s, Queen Latifah instantly comes to our mind. Queen justified her name by supporting women and empowering them through powerful lyrics in her rap songs. Starting her rapping career with “Ladies first” in 1989, she gave the message of women empowerment. Furthermore, she released her everlasting hit “U.N.I.T.Y.”, which explicit her stance against women harassment, inequality and domestic violence. She made it clear through her lyrics and style that she wanted women to be strong and thus proved to be a remarkable role model for the women of her time. With an everlasting impact of her strong personality, the rapper/ actress is still in the hearts of her followers and remains an impactful name in the rappers of 90’s.


  • Lil’ Kim


Another worthy name in the list is Lil’ Kim. The woman stands out by her performance in the rapping industry in the 90’s by attaining 5 mics award from The Source magazine for being a very influential hip-hop diva for her very first album as a female rapper named “The Naked Truth”. The hip-hop star gained significant popularity due to her unique style and hardcore personality. The song “Not Tonight” by Angie Martinez, Lil’ Kim, Left Eye, Da Brat and Missy Elliott also gained heavy popularity. The song was even nominated Grammy Awards for the Best Rap Performance in a group.


  • Lauryn Hill


Extremely classic, stylish and expressive in her music, Lauryn Hill was one of the best names in the rapping industry. The star gained a huge repute and fame from her debut, “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill”. Lauryn later won 5 Grammy awards for her outstanding performance. The star spoke of the everyday struggles a person has to overcome, she pointing out particularly the everyday struggles by her lyrical wizardry. Songs like “Ex-Factor”, “Nothing even matters” or “Can it all be so simple” etc signifies her focus on the struggling relationships, everyday exploitation and the superficial affection in our day to day life. She still is popular among her fans and people admire her for the work she did in the rapping music industry.


  • Yo Yo


A unique style, empowering personality and strong lyrics, Yo Yo (originally named Yolanda Whitaker), attained the attention of her audience back in 90’s. She had a staunch personality and her lyrics signified women empowerment in all ways possible.  With her hit song “You can’t play with me”, the woman made sure for everyone to know that she has a standard for people to follow. Her songs mainly promoted women respect and equality and thus she sets a strong position in this list for five most influential female rappers of 90’s.


  • Missy Elliott


The last but not the least, Missy Elliot is the final rapping queen in the list. Missy was a multi-talented star who could sing, write, rap, direct music videos all at the same time. The rapper had six Platinum-certified albums making her matchless success possible. With powerful and impacting messages through her songs like “She’s a B***h”, the star focused on empowerment. The singer had to stop her career due to the Graves’ disease but she still remains an eminent part of the music industry for her contributions on various platforms in the 90’s.

There are many amazing female rappers we wanted to include in the list, but these by far are the top five female rappers of the 90’s.