Written By: Ashlie L.

The culture of rappers and their dress code is a popular norm to discuss these days in the gatherings.
Nowadays, an artist like a rapper is not only about rhymes and beats, but also influence a number of
viewers with his/her personal style and charm. It is definitely not about following giant brand names and mimicking famous fashion trends. A rapper has to work hard on his songs as well as personal grooming to such an extent that he becomes a trendsetter. A rapper is someone who pushes the conventional boundaries of fashion and brings the colors of life with his diverse fashion sense.

History has a lot of famous names in this regard like Biggie’s Coogi Sweaters and Rocky’s fame of Hood by Air gear and Mona Haydar’s scarf which was a little nontraditional with respect to the fashion community.Fashion is not just wearing clothes and matching jewelry for the hip hop industry. The appearance of a rapper becomes a signature statement for the people around them and they are some of the most influential people to rule the fashion industry.In this article, we will go through the journey of some of the long-lasting rappers who were comfortable
with their own style and flair.
1. Mona Haydar
Mona Haydar is known for her protest song which went viral in 2017. Her debut song “Hijabi”
(wrap my hijab) was so famous that it jumped to the top 20 best protest songs of the year. The
song and her life are all about the struggles of women who chose to wear a hijab and be ridiculed in society as conservative. It gives a sense to the people around her that you can wear whatever you want
to if you are comfortable with your skin. She gives a positive message about the Islamic community by being an unconventional rapper and writer. She shows the world that Muslim women are as empowered as other women in the world and are free to make their own choices.
2. Big Daddy Kane
The name above brings the imagination of a person wearing big jewelry with shiny gold chains.
He was the originator of “Bling Bling” fad which is still fashionable in today’s world. He made it
awesome to wear nameplates with jeans to a brittle velour suit. He was the pioneer to introduce
such massive jewelry like four finger rings and nameplate necklaces with grace and elegance.

3. Slick Rick
The style statements of Slick Rick are still famous throughout the world within the rap
community. His outfits were a mixture of classy and smooth. He even taught the youngsters to
add a little spice to their wardrobe by adding a Kongal Newscap. This enables them to look
strident without being too fancy. He also wore fancy jewelry like Daddy Kane. Nothing looked
weird on him just because he wore everything with confidence and grace.

4. Run DMC
This group wore different clothes from all the formal wear. They brought the sneaker culture to
the next level with their iconic Adidas tracksuits and shell-toed sneakers- making them a fashion
statement. In the beginning, they used the Adidas accessories as brand ambassadors, but as it
became more popular than expected they ended up using the Adidas tracksuits on all their
special performances. They adopted a unique style with a blend of different accessories. They
looked sharp with their leather blazers, thick gold chains, and lee jeans. Their way of appearance
was never extreme or way out of fashion. That’s why they are considered the most fashionable
band of all times.
RAKIM is known to be the father of hip hop music in his era. He delivered quality songs
effortlessly to his listeners. Eric B was one of his companions partnering him with his production
adventures. He became the heart of every American in no time by improved personal journey and
money making. His wardrobe was meticulously designed and gained popularity with his
masterpieces of Follow the Leader and Paid in Full in 1988. He was famous for his traditional
styles. He wore tones of jewelry like others on the top of a hoodie which was an odd choice. His
brown leather jackets become a signature style of the 1990s.

6. Cam’ron
Cam’ron had a deep sense of fashion and got popular in the 2000s. His unique and funky outfits
found him a way into the hip hop industry to gain more success. He often used pink minks as his extreme color choices. Conventionally, pink is a color for ladies but Cam’ron used it to show his viewers a new way to their outfits. Americans loved his custom made flag patterned jackets with a long
sweater and lime suit that made his fans go crazy over him. He was able to make unconventional
fashion options available by carrying whatever he wore gracefully. He is one of the major style
icons of the new era with his sweater dresses, throwback jersey game, and highly distinguished
leather jackets.

The most imperative thing which these fashion icons understood was that fashion is not only about
clothes, matching shoes, or accessories. They proved to have a unique vision of promoting their songs
along with creative looks which made them stand out from the crowd.