13 (pronounced One-Trey) is an emerging artist from the Toronto area. His lyrics deliver the untold story of the cities street life and crime. Through his music, 13 offers a authentic, first person perspective on the harsh realities of society and how they effect a person’s living. Moreover, “Westend” serves as the artist’s first official offering. It contains memorable lyrics, both powerful and quote-worthy.

“This is my debut release and I give the audience a glimpse of real life events in the music video to tell my story” 13 states. “I consider myself a prophet of the streets.” Furthermore, the track is produced by Rayny and directed by Toronto-natives Lawraines and Kavin Roberts. The video captures the trials and tribulations that come with the life 13 chose and portrays true events from his past.

13 spent much of his teenage years incarcerated for petty crimes that transformed him into an honorable man. He graduated high school and gained other academic awards while in jail, receiving several scholarships to college in Toronto. So far, 13 has been compared to Nate Dogg and 50 Cent, so keep an eye on the rising artist. Peep the video above.