Written by: LivengoodLivin

The Caribbean vocalist Tory Lanez has been on quite a run recently with a number one charting album in 2018 for LoVE mE NOw, and a highly anticipated album El Aqua set to release late 2019. It’s a moment in time Tory Lanez would like to remember “Forever,” which is ironically the title of Tory’s latest single and corresponding video. Produced by Cassius Jay, “Forever” is a single catered around the themes of loyalty, brotherhood, and unity among close friends. 


No matter how bad the legal case might be or the particular situation might be, Tory makes it clear that “he has your back through the thick and thin.” With a smooth chorus, and bars that show Lanez signature ability to balance being a R&B singer and emcee, he continues to be one of the new era powerhouses in modern R&B. The video takes the themes of the song and present an interesting contradiction to Tory’s lyrics. What if somebody you gave your loyalty to decided to switch up on you and got you in a terrible situation. 


The video starts off with a shot of a police car and audio of somebody getting arrested. That was clever foreshadowing as the visual has multiple shots of Lanez and his friends coming up in the criminal underworld from card games in a bar to smoking lavish cigars in luxury suits. Eventually, one of the goons who came up with Lanez turned out to be an informant and had Lanez arrested. To have a track about being loyal to your friends no matter how bad or good the situation might be and to shoot a video with your friend betraying you is a creative way to tackle the good and bad sides of being loyal.  Overall, it was a quality video for a good song, and it paid homage to classic gangster films such as “Scarface” and “The Godfather” with a “rags to riches” story ending with a betrayal from somebody within the crew. 


Watch The Video “Forever” Below