A possible terrorist act might have taken place at the Manchester Arena in England hours ago.

On her European & Latin American tour, pop singer Ariana Grande’s first of three concerts being held at the arena just closed out in a bang, and not a good one as 19 concert goers were killed in an explosion as the show was ending, and 50 injured.

Right now, the Manchester police are calling it a terrorist act until further investigation proves otherwise.

Witnesses say that around 10:30pm, a loud explosion led Grande fans on a panic frenzy running for cover as the show came to an end.

Although reports of Grande’s well-being have come up positive, it is tragically unfortunate for the 19 lives lost while out enjoying Grande’s music.

A show mostly filled with young adolescents, one can only imagine the chaos as parents were separated from their kids inside, while others awaited outside the arena walls for the safe return of their loved ones.

Unconfirmed reports of suicide bombers having committed the act are being spread as it seems the November 2015’s Paris terrorist attack are keenly similar.

Staying on top of this disastrous breaking news, we will update you as the information becomes more clear.

Our sincerest condolences go out the families and friends of those lost souls.  A reminder to pray over your loved ones before entering and exiting any door.