Travis Scott is now being sued by his former manager Lyor Cohen for a breach in contract.

Travis had signed a 3-year-contract with Cohen and his company back in 2014, where the contract stated that the company would get 15% of everything Scott made throughout his entertainment career and as it pertains to their contract terms.  The company, LCAR says they should have made about $2 million by now, but instead the lawsuit claims they’ve only made about $37K.

They claim they have been trying to get the rest of their money since 2015, but the only thing they have received was a letter from Scott’s attorney saying that their services were no longer needed.

The company is currently suing to get full accounting of Travis’ earnings—as well as what they’re owed. Apparently Travis was very unsatisfied with the way his career was being managed and decided to go else where.

Irregardless to that, Travis, you can’t forget to feed the folks who helped get you to where you are.