La Flame just put his name in the record books with his performance last Friday (May 12) during his show in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. While the Houston rapper was doing his set, he performed his platinum selling single “Goosebumps” off of his Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight album 14 times straight.

After watching the video, it’s not hard to see why he performed the record so many times. The crowd was very into it and the with the songs catchy beat and hook, it’s very easy to get sunk into the vibe of the record, especially with Travis’ energy and stage presence he brings to his performances. That’s the type of stuff concert-goers live for.

This record was previously held by Jay Z and Kanye West. During their tour for their hit album Watch The Throne, they performed “Ni**s in Paris” a whopping 12 times in a row during their stop in Paris. It was only right to do this. Travis Scott just beat out that record held by two greats and the video for his performance was uploaded yesterday (May 16) on his YouTube page.

Check out the video below.