Safe To Say We Know Who Is Travis Scott’s Pick For NBA MVP.

It seems as if Travis Scott never wants to leave his fans starving for music again because ever since releasing ‘Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight’ following the months of built up anticipation including delays, we’ve been getting nothing but content from Travis. We’ve heard multiple features, a whole other unofficial album that Travis had taken down from all streaming services (still waiting on the official ‘Yeah Yeah’ release), 3 new singles and, a Travis Scott x Quavo album announcement by Travis himself. This pattern hasn’t changed as Travis decided to revisit his last album and drop the ‘Way Back’ video today.

Travis decided to show love to his hometown and feature Houston Rockets star James Harden playing James Harden in the video. With the NBA MVP award not being handed out yet, it seems like Travis just wanted to show love for his city and highlight the hometown star one time. He directed the video so why not?

It seems as if he had this video in the stash for a while because it says that it was uploaded on May 5th on YouTube. However, it was made visible to the public today. Without giving away too much, when the beat switches up, so does the video. Can’t wait to see what La Flame drops next. Check out the video below.


Paul Robinson