If you haven’t been keeping up with The DMV’s rap scene lately you’re sleeping! The area is breeding nothing but versatility from the breakout stars like Shy Glizzy, Rico Nasty, Goldlink and more specifically Maryland’s own Travy Nostra.

Nostra has been making strides to becoming the next big thing out of the area. Although he doesn’t always deliver the average DMV “Trap” sound like the rest of the artist emerging in the area, he’s seems to be bringing a lot more to the table. With his sharp lyricism, keen writing techniques and ability to adapt to almost any beat, melody and or sample as if it was second nature, Nostra is looking at bright year.

Travy has been heating up just this past month dropping 3 videos. Nonetheless, this one definitely caught my ear. Last week Travy Nostra released a video to accompany a heartfelt freestyle over Kur’s “When I Lost It”, and it’s safe to say he exceeded our expectations.

In the freestyle Nostra opens up about his lost friends and reminisces on past times he shared with them while effortlessly gliding over the soft, sample filled instrumental. If he hasn’t already set the bar for lyricism in his area, I’m sure this one will do the job and place him in the ranking of the lyrical creatives in his area such as Logic, DRAM, and Wale. Here Nostra displays a keen and witty way of blending the hood with the soul sound, some would compare this slick technique to a Gherbo or DonQ approach. This may be the reason he makes a huge mark and sets the precedent for bars in the DMV.

Take a listen as he humbles himself and speaks on all the wins and the losses that come with them on his new video to “When I Lost it” below: