R&B singer Trey Songz is coming out with his own reality dating show, “Tremaine the Playboy“.

To celebrate VH1’s #14DaysOfLove, they have teamed up with Trey to produce a web series following the singer on his quest to find his soulmate.  You would think from his music catalog of songs that love was always just around the corner; not to mention the flock of women probably waiting at his doorstep.  Trey is taking me back to the Flavor of Love days, that also aired on VH1 from 2006-2008, and he (Flavor Flav) still didn’t find love after three seasons; but let’s hope Trey can do a better job.

17 women compete for the top spot as Trey’s No. 1 girl, all put up in a swanky mansion and are expected to get along while at the same time share the same man.

Check out the supertrailer below.

Follow the exclusive look on VH1 digital platforms, episodes of Tremaine the Playboy will continue to air on TremaineThePlayboy.com.