Just in time for Father’s Day, Atlanta rapper Trinidad James has graced us with some new ish from his newest EP  FATHER FiGGA, dropping the first single and video off the project “Dad”.

With production by Honorable C Note, the video comes with quite a narrative.  James plays a wheel-chaired grand-Dad who seemingly bribes his “grand-son” with money for a day out on the town with him.  They go from stealing liquor from a convenience store to mix-up for a special punch, baking some special cookies, a strip poker game with some losing sexy ladies, and a bedtime story goodnight – all the exposure this little boy got in a day, enough to turn him from sweet to bad just like that; and all thanks to Dad.

Humorously, and just like a dad, James brags on the rights of being able to do pretty much what he wants to do, being Dad or a parent.  “I can hurt your feelings man, b—- I’m your dad.”  I’m sure we all have heard similar from our own, or something along those lines.  The many different ways to say, “I can do to you what I want to, I raised you,” lines.   Being comical and fun within the verses and hook of the song’s lyrics, it’s a playful twist on a nursery rhyme type of beat coupled with a lighthearted James reciting, Your momma gon’ f— the kid, b—- I’m your dad/ She like how I slap that ass, b—- who your dad?”

Currently available on iTunes, the single “Dad” is followed by a line of Father’s Day notes that James collaborated with Waterside MRKT to bring to you.   At $4.00 a note and a few more days until the special holiday, you can purchase one of these for your dad.  And with the project FATHER FiGGA due out a little later this year , be sure to listen out for that so you can grab your copy too.