Triple threat RayN3RD, of  Dublin, GA is not only an established lyricist but also a well-versed singer and independent songwriter. He attributes his humble beginnings to the rural backwoods of Laurens County, where he learned to play the drums as part of his childhood church music ensemble. From the age of 12-18 he used his musical talents to lead school marching band, and concerts and teach other students the art.

Though when he turned 18, RayN3RD decided to shift gears and really begin crafting an original sound. He began writing his first rhymes & making songs with his friends in various closets and basement studios. Unfortunately, those singles were never released.


However, they did become what Ray used as a clear starting point propelling his music career to new heights.  

Since then, RayN3RD has written, recorded and distributed his first project entitled “The Basis”. Since the project’s release, he’s been fortunate enough to build relationships with real movers and shakers of the hip-hop culture. Everyone from Coalition DJs, Cam Kirk and even the many talented artists of Patchwerk Studios each of which played a part in putting him in positions to build with countless other Atlanta Influencers.

His progress has also led him to travel to Austin, Texas where he performed on one of the legendary SXSW stages. There he was able to network with several creatives & artists such as Trae tha Truth, Swae Lee, Cyhi the Prynce, Lil Yatchy, and The Migos.


These connections have each propelled his career in one way or another, leading him to perform renowned stages such as Magic City, Apache Cafe, Opera and later the A3C indie stage sponsored by Squarespace.

However that was just the start, RayN3RD has decided to release a few singles off his upcoming EP, he hopes these tracks will allow him to really showcase his talent and style gaining a fan base even wider than his own.

Lucky for me I was able to briefly interview the rising star Check it out below


If you had to choose which would be your top tracks

My favorite tracks would have to be Pieces, Making It, & Work because in each of these songs there’s a message to keep pushing & grinding despite of what may come your way. That’s the message I want my supporters who are going through trials & tribulations to fully connect with….that it may be hard but you have to work by putting together the pieces and overall you will make it!


What was the motivation behind pieces one of your top tracks

The motivation for the song Pieces, which was produced by Juneaux Beats & Dez Wright, came from working and grinding every single day in order to make my craft more than just an average song or mixtape but a true art form that expresses how I truly feel through my music.

The motivation behind the video Pieces was inspired by my journey to get where I am now. I’ve been through many phases & environments to get to where I am today. Overall, I aspire to show my supporters that what they’re witnessing didn’t come overnight…it’s been a long time coming even though it’s still only the beginning of what’s to come


How long did it take to create

It took maybe two days to write the song Pieces but the process of creating the song, recording it, getting it mixed & mastered to a sound I love, as well as getting the final look of the video took about 3 months due to computers crashing, moving different states, as well as dealing with illnesses in my team. Trials come with every journey so creating this song literally came from adapting & putting together pieces of the project that had to come together in order for it be what it is today.


What’s next

The EP which will be coming in February for all my supporters who love R&B, this is for you. This project will be centered around the premise of having a loving relationship that started out long distance & endured all of the distractions & obstacles that comes with it in order to prosper in a journey towards true love.

Hope you guys check it out and I want to say Thanks RapFest for the opportunity!!

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Twitter: RayN3RD
Facebook: RayN3RD