Troy ave has become rather well known for speaking his mind and not caring who’s offended by it, especially last month when decided to consider himself the “New Pac” in an interview with The Breakfast Club. Followed by deciding to release a brand new project entitled NuPac.

This stunt was a huge no, no for the hip hop industry, and subsequently assisting in putting him a category as a less respected artist. However, after taking heat for that stunt, he decided it would be best to come out with some visuals for a track on said album entitled “Press Spray,” seemingly in hopes of gaining back his notoriety back. “Press Spray” has become one of his most talked about singles on the album where he lets that outspoken persona less shine once again, throwing shots at Joe Budden, Mysonne, B$B member Young Lito and his former manager, Hovain.

The video is rather simple featuring basic images of the artist paired with lights and flashy lyrics. It’s a bit amateur, to say the least. Though it’s quite clear that Troy doesn’t care what anyone thinks or who he comes for so long as he’s dropping tracks that people are talking about.

Jocelyn Rivera